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Analysis Paralysis: Confronting Dilemma

In life, there are many situations where we have two or more options to choose from. While it’s easy to choose between wrong and right. Sometimes both or all the options seem fine and you don’t really know what’s right or wrong. This is a situation of dilemma. The dilemma can be between two or more desirable options or undesirable ones.

Analysis paralysis is a situation where your ability to decide upon a thing becomes paralyzed. It usually happens because we overthink and overanalyze a situation which makes it difficult to arrive at a decision. It hampers one’s productivity, kills our creativity, and makes us less happy.

To make it more clear or understandable lets state one example. Since it’s lockdown and there is no house help your mother asks you to either clean the house or clean the utensils. Now in this situation, both situations are undesirable for you and you can’t choose one. What a dilemma.

Now we are clear with the basic meaning, How does this affect our lives? Our decisions make us and it’s very important to choose the one which would result in being more fruitful. Often we think a lot about the alternatives and end up choosing the wrong one.


  • Take Time: Sit back and relax. Take your time and analyze every situation and then take the decision. You are most probably to take the wrong decision in a hurry.
  • Long Term Thoughts: Sometimes we tend to take a decision being short-sighted and what is best for the moment. But the decision can prove to be wrong in the long run. So the next time you make a decision, think of the long term repercussions as well.
  • Stay Adamant: Be stuck on the decisions that you take. Don’t change them, again and again, according to your ease.
  • Say No to Overthinking: If you have taken the decision, believe your gut and stop thinking about it repeatedly. This will result in changing the decisions that might be the wrong one.

There are many types of dilemma like ethical and moral, Prisoners Dilemma, Self-imposed, World imposed, and many more. I am sure you have heard of the dilemma Chicken or the egg, who came first in this world? This is one of the famous ones and it’s very difficult to tell what is the right answer because there is no right answer.

One of the hardest things, when we make the decision, is ‘What If’. We make the decision and it’s done. After the event, we keep thinking what if it went like this or that, I could have done this or said that. It’s important to stop and show confidence in yourself. It will go a long way.

From our family and friends to our jobs and business, everyplace requires making a decision. In this type of situation, no-decision will be 100% right so it becomes important to believe in your instinct and do it, even if the outcome is not what you expected.


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