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Best Clothing Tips for Men and Women: What’s Your Pick!

Fashion defines one’s own personality, isn’t it? It will enhance your looks and makes it more presentable. when we look good, it automatically builds up our confidence. Both males and females have different dressing sense according to their cultures. Fashion doesn’t mean expensive clothes but in fact, it means the sensible style of clothing. It also defines your status. It makes our existence feel more real and everlasting.

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression. It appears in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, lifestyle, etc. In today’s world, it is important for not just concealing your body, but also helps in boosting your personality and adds a lot to it.

Why fashion and sensible dressing are so important?

It is no bad in prioritising your dressing needs as it definitely helps you to look more attractive and appealing to another person. In social gatherings and meetings, it is quite important that we know the right sense of dressing so that it matches the vibe and give more value to your personality.

What sensible dressing actually means:

  1. Always dress according to the occasions.
  2. Wear clothes in which you are most comfortable.
  3. Your attire will attract others towards you.
  4. Always keep in mind that the clothes you wear actually change the way you perform.
  5. Untidy clothes make you look imperfect and is not at all recommended.

What to wear and when  to wear

It could be quite challenging to come to a conclusion on what to wear and what not wear. Here are some of the ideas for your perfect dressing needs that you may consider for various purposes.

1.Job interviews

Men may opt for trousers paired with collared shirt and loafers whereas a woman may opt for pencil skirts, paired with a silk or button the top and high heels. This not only makes you look professional but will also make you confident while appearing for interviews.

2.Cocktail attire

Men may wear a dark suit, coat and tie whereas women might wear a short dress with some frills. Also, you can add accessories for a beautiful look. As this is a party pepping style, adding glitters to your attire will make you look different.

3.Wedding style

Men can wear traditional Kurtas paired with tailored pants. Also, you can wear western clothes as per the choice. Wedding showcases our culture so traditional wears are good to go for women too. They can wear Lehengas, saris, tailored suits with fancy jewellery and high heels. get-togethers, barbecue or birthday parties

Go laid-back with a pair of nice jeans, a top and stylish sneakers, sandals or flats. These are kinda more informal parties where you can choose the clothing to jell up better with the crowd. Sometimes if it is family gatherings, you can definitely choose to wear traditional clothing.


Festivals are full of joy so glitter yourself up. We all love a bit of sparkle at a festival, glitter is just a festival go-to for both men and women. Dressing and fashion is an inherent part of Indian festivals. The festive occasions call for the special sarees, salwar, Lehengas and ghagra cholis while men can have traditional kurtas or formal shirts.

6.Business meetings

It requires conservative colours and fabrics remain a standard in business attire for both women and men. Wear dark grey or navy coloured pants and suits. Always dress professionally during business meetings as it is quite important to look confident.

Styling and sensible clothing help in personality development of an individual. It is rightly said that a man is known by his dress and address. Fashion is not just about having a thing of flaunting style, but it should be treated more as a way to look more appealing and confident.

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