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Love & Beyond: Understanding the worth of love in life.

Love is a complex topic- It’s a very strong feeling of affection, protectiveness, warmth, respect for another person. Its a person’s source of strength. Love is very powerful and strong as much as medicines in terms of talking about its effect on the human brain. It can apply to anyone, not just only humans but also to animals, principles, and religious beliefs. It’s a very extreme or sudden feeling of affection, attachment and caring towards something or someone. Everybody has their own different definition of love. One person’s “I love you” might mean something quite different for another, love varies from person to person and culture to culture. 

Love is a very different kind of feeling, it’s cultivated between two people and grows over time, through getting to know him or her and experiencing life’s many ups and downs together. Time, commitment, mutual trust and acceptance is all that love involves. It has always been a favourite topic of philosophers, poets, writers, and scientists for generations, and different people.

Why love is important?

  • Self Discovery – love helps you in discovering yourself. It can reveal a lot about yourselves that you may not have already known. It describes a lot about your tastes, morality, thought processes and instinctive reactions when we are in love.
  • Source of Motivation – you always want to do something different, you are inspired, you aim for better, you are not just spending time in a vein sense either. It’s about to do better in life, to set new goals, and generally striving for the best. We can notice the upswing in positive thoughts which also helps in motivating yourself. This is what a positive affirmation in love can do to you.
  • Mental health – love plays a significant role in both physical and psychological well-being. We can say that people who feel loved by others and who report loving other people tend to be happier. It can also affect us emotionally and enables the release of happy hormones to make us feel better.
  • Reformer and Teacher- When you are in love, you make all of the above efforts, but for reasons that go sour, you still learn many vitally important life lessons, even though if you face anyheartbreak. But just remember to be kind to yourself, and that if you had one bad  experience, you’re not going to give up and definitely hope better for future.

Generally, human beings thrive on social interaction and forming relationships, regardless of whether it’s with a friend, a relative or a pet. Humans have an inherent need for experiencing strong bonds and needing love to avoid the detrimental effects of real or perceived isolation and abandonment. At some point, a person needs to be surrounded by friends and constant communication with people whom they love can help a person emotionally in various ways. These type of needs vary, depending upon the individual’s lifestyle, experiences, and preferences.  Moving forward without some form of love or affection in our lives can be problematic along the way, especially if this lack of support and interaction begins at a younger age.

Love is Life: Learn to Develop Strong Relationships

The feeling of love and relationships can help to improve a person’s ability to manage stress and can help to decrease anxiety and depression. Human beings are social creatures, so when we provide mental health treatment, let us be mindful of evaluating our patient’s level of social connectedness, and always encourage ourself to develop stable and loving relationships.

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