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Love Your Body, Care For Your Body

Body positivity is something that everyone faces struggles with, men or women, abled or disabled, white or black. It’s not as simple as loving yourself no matter what.

At the point when the thought of body positivity originally happened, it was a call to dismiss society’s unbending thoughts of magnificence. From ages, we have been told to look in a certain way to be described as beautiful or handsome. Zero figure and 6 pack abs have become the definition of beauty standards. Take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. Are you happy with the way you look? I am sure most of us have already found a gazillion flaws in ourselves.

From looking fat, skinny, hairy, short to tall.  ‘Kam khaya kar thoda, hawa se ud jaegi,Ghar pr khana nhi dete?, Oh sorry, I couldn’t see you, Itni Lambi se shadi kon krega? Itna chota hai ladki kaise milegi? We all have faced body shaming at one point or another.

Advertisements have always tried to portray the idea of beauty. We usually see the hair removal ads making us feel unpleasant about ourselves. Fairness creams always trying to depict that white is beautiful and the colour is what defines your beauty. Oils to remove cellulite and what not! Social media is not much behind in the race. You open your social media account and you see a bunch of pretty pictures of girls with great body and you are bound to find the flaws in yourselves, you start comparing yourself with them. One important aspect that we forget is social media only shows us what one wants to portray and that nobody will show the other side of the coin.

  • BE POSITIVE: Concentrate on your positive characteristics, aptitudes, and abilities. Concentrate on acknowledging and regarding what your body can do. Set positive, wellbeing centred objectives instead of weight reduction centred objectives.
  • SAY AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES: Direct positive sentiments toward yourself consistently (rehearsing assertions puts this proposal to utilize)
  • STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY: Maintain a strategic distance from negative or chiding self-talk
  • WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET: Respect the excellence of others, however, abstain from contrasting yourself with any other individual.
  • DONT LET SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECT YOU: Advise yourself that numerous media pictures are ridiculous and unreachable for most by far of individuals (and in any event, for the subject of the picture, on account of Photoshop!).

To all the people out there who don’t adore themselves or feel sure about their own skin — it’s alright to feel along these lines, and you are not the only one. You are not committed to feel better or love yourself, in particular to society. Learning veritable self-esteem is a long and tricky procedure, and the best way to arrive is with finished, no-frills trustworthiness. Furthermore, the initial step on that excursion is speaking the truth about the amount you don’t cherish yourself, regardless of what any other person lets you know, and regardless of how they figure you should feel.

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