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Passion vs Job: Earn Your Life While You Work



“Choose a career you love and you will never have to go to work.” – Denis Waitley 

Ask yourself what is your passion? It might be possible that your answer lands you down to the feeling that why you don’t opt to turn your hectic job into something you are crazy about. This is the question which hits the mind of most of the people when they try to figure out the difference between passion and job. 

Passion is something that gives us joy and keeps us excited about what we do, we enjoy the process and worry less about the outcomes.  It is focused on learning rather than earning and if you learn from it then you can earn from it.  If your passion can earn you the livelihood, nothing can be better than this for your life and career both. 

Understanding Thin Line: Job & Passion

In fact, in terms of talking about our passion and jobs, it becomes quite tough to identify the thin line between both of them. We can’t really say that a job is an unsuitable word and we shouldn’t opt for it, but sometimes it gets quite common in our life if we are aiming to achieve something out of the box. We term it as a passion and we strive for a self-led career which is much more than a usual 9 to 5 job. It might demand a lot of struggle, patience, time, perseverance, and even learnings, but we can definitely get our way out if we strongly aim for it.  Whereas a job can be your goal, but it limits you sometimes into the efforts and goal of the organization, your career is lead more by your professional commitments rather than a personal one. But in passion led careers, it works like a wonder as you get to explore both professional and personal commitments to strive for your growth. You not only just work as an employee, but try to explore a lot out of it.

Vision plays a very crucial role in our life. Vision helps you to define your short term and long term goals. Your passion can give you success slowly but surely but a job can only fulfill your needs.

It is a debatable topic and there’s no secret formula that anyone can tell you what you should pursue. What we can do is to analyze each aspect of the topic. 

Let’s dig into it-


you’ll earn stable money in a job where you can buy yourself a living. But you won’t be able to get the needed skills that guarantee you the long term success. And if you choose to go with your passion, you become smarter and wise everyday. Slowly you’re building a stairway to achieve whatever you attract.

Style of living-

when you give more importance to money rather than your passion, you stuck in a cycle of miserable life and lead you to stress and depression. And it will be going to leave a lasting effect on your health. But if you go after your passion, you enjoy and it will give you a sense of satisfaction. Your passion, not just only makes you happy but it gives you the courage to do more, helps you to get better ideas, and makes you improve in your certain field. 

Long term vs short term-

Working a job does not allow you to think more of a long term goal. You haven’t thought how your today’s work is going to affect your tomorrow. Passion means to think bigger and aim high on the long term goal. It requires a lot of hard work and future planning. You live focused and goal-oriented lives.

Self- development-

being stuck in a 9 to 5 job stops you to explore the hidden side of you, you prefer to isolate yourself from people if you don’t love what you are doing. Passion ensures your personal growth, you go beyond to achieve whatever it takes, you always looking forward to keep learning and engaging with new people to master the thing you’re doing. It boosts your confidence that you can successfully compete and collaborate with other professionals in your niche. 

Fulfilling vs unfulfilling-

 In today’s life money is considered an important goal but money can’t buy you happiness. People are ready to settle down for a little paycheque and give up on their passion and dreams. Following your passion can be less productive on the money side but it will give you happiness which is more important. Choosing a career interrelated to your passion, not just only makes you happy but it fuels your passion and gives you the courage to do more.

Wise people say money is not everything, but you’d be more comfortable in a sedan rather than a bus. I agree money cannot buy happiness but fulfill the things we love we need money for that. You can also make money by following your passion. All you need is courage and a motivation to follow your passion as a career and that’s what I did. 

I choose my passion as a career, in the initial of college I realized that it is not what I want to do. Clearly, I was not enjoying the work, the learning process stressed me out. I was wise enough to realize and took a step to follow what makes me happy. I was always passionate about my art and I love to write but as I grow up, I gave up on my dream. But in the second year of college again I start to follow my passion because it gives me the irreplaceable joy. I am in the process of learning then in the last year of my college I got involved with the networking company, meeting new people on the daily basis is something I started enjoying.

There was a time of self-doubt when I decide to follow my passion, but I overcame it.  I started thinking am I really ready to throw it all away? What am I gonna say to my family? What about the money that I put in my graduation?  But I took a decision and I am happy where I am today, exploring my self, enjoying what I love to do and if I talk about the money, I know I am doing the right thing by investing myself in networking where I am growing day by day as a person. And I am proud of myself that I am going in the right direction in the right field. 

Chasing your dreams needs courage and it’s not going to be easy. but I’ve learned that at the end of the day it’s all worth it. Life is all about choices. Choose what makes you happy, Don’t live a miserable and stressful life. Don’t put yourself in a cage where you are not meant to be. You might be afraid to leave it but my friend heaven is just a step away. You will never know what you’re capable of unless you set yourself free. Break the stereotypes and do what you want to do. 

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