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This blog talks about crucial aspects of the debate on Arrange marriage vs Love marriage. It will help you to understand both aspects in a better way.

Marriage is a very crucial aspect, be it love or arrange marriage the major support for any relationship consists of both love and care. We cannot really say that one is better and later is worst but we can clearly weigh some of the aspects that youth might want to know before choosing the right life partner for their life ahead.

Marriage is the most beautiful decision that a youngster can take for himself and his family as it marks a new beginning or a new stage of life. Whether it could be love or arrange marriage, it is much more than the need or social construct to just have a life partner. “It’s like two bodies, one soul” who will be going to spend life altogether for the rest of the years. it’s all about compatibility, love, care, respect, understanding likes and dislikes, etc. which goes farthest along with the term of Marriage.

Love marriage

In a love marriage, personal understanding goes quite smoothly as people belonging from different backgrounds know each other well and have a sense of belongingness tied up by love.

Love marriage lets you choose your own partner with whom you feel life will go on the right track and gives you self satisfaction, trust, and comfort to go with it. The most important fact is that the compatibility and the willingness to spend life together is the key to a happy marriage and a love marriage defines some of the traits which you carry forward as you go along in life.

Arrange Marriage

Arrange marriage is mostly accepted by Indian society. Almost 90% of marriages in India are arranged marriages as it best suits as per the social norms of Indian families, they give more preference to their tradition to tie the knot looking toward certain aspects.

In an arranged marriage as the bride and groom both are new in terms of familiarity with each other, It can be somewhat different and may take time to understand the personality traits as these aspects come into life quite slowly. As knowing one another is a process, It also takes time to understand each other well. These aspects can develop gradually by maintaining a sense of trust and closeness.

In arrange marriages, it goes on with the family or close mutuals to decide the best couple as per their societal norms and personal aspirations. In this case, not only just two people come close for a happy married life but their families also play a crucial role involving relatives and people from far-off relations to be a part of the decision-making for deciding the best bride or groom.

In Indian society, the arrange marriages are looked at and mostly backed by parents and elders of the family. Of course, the couple gets a chance to meet and talk about their expectations and wants but it still takes some time to get more closer as compared to what happens in love marriages.

Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage in India: What are the social constraints?

As it already mentioned arrange marriage is mostly accepted in Indian society and has more success rates as per the facts and figures of the past several years. Some caste or religion are too stubborn about the aspects of intercase marriages and they don’t let their children marry a person out of their caste. In some of the cases, it is so strict that love is adequately an unacceptable trend and they can’t go against their family to marry someone. You can term it as a legacy or tradition, but it is quite prevalent in Indian society.


It’s been rightly said, “Love is not at all effortless, it demands efforts to unwrap happiness and closeness in life”. It’s not all about Arrange marriage vs Love marriage but it is more about genuine feelings and care for each other.

In this universe, nothing is perfect, but the key to a successful and happy relationship is compatibility, respect, understanding, Nature, Belongingness, etc.. Whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage, it definitely does not matter but a true understanding, love, and trust do matter as a base of the relationship. The success of marriages depends upon the persons on how they react and deal with the highs and lows of life.

These days people take time to understand each other. Both marriages have their own merits and demerits, it’s a lifetime decision. So, the decision should be taken by the individuals, whether they want to live with each other or not.

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