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Aspirants: Doing Startup is Like UPSC Exam But With Unlimited Attempts

Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series

If you’ve seen the recent TVF web series “Sandeep Bhaiya,” you know the struggles of the journey to become a civil servant. Whether it’s about multiple attempts or hope, one doesn’t just give up because it’s not about luck—it’s all about the will it takes to “Get There.”

It’s been said that preparing for UPSC isn’t about success or failure—it’s more about the learning and experience that strengthens an aspirant’s mindset. Similarly, in the world of startups, one needs to stay determined to chase their dreams and vision without giving up on the fact that it may take months or years to achieve them.

Conditioning Your Mind for Success

We all doubt ourselves sometimes, and that’s the only thing that holds us back from achieving our goals. Whether it’s UPSC or startups, we lose out in the race of self-efficacy because we think we can’t do it or we’re not good enough. But the truth is, you need the mindset and mental conditioning to try, try, and fail until you figure out how things are done. It’s about waking up every day and starting fresh rather than tracking how far you’ve come.

Family and Perseverance Go Hand in Hand

We all understand the societal pressure, and we know what our parents go through in this competitive system. But the truth is, both UPSC and startups require you to focus all your energy on your goals and dreams—not on what your relatives or friends are saying. The time you waste getting demotivated is a compromise to your dream and success. Only you know the way out.

Startups Are Like UPSC But With Unlimited Attempts

UPSC is more about finding the right fit, the right mindset, and the right personality for the right position. The government has a limited number of positions, but there are many people who aspire to them. That’s why there are limits to how many times you can attempt the exam. But with startups, you just need determination, the right mindset, personality, attitude, and willpower to make it happen. The chances of success may be higher, but the preparation is just as tough as UPSC.

So, dear aspirants, it doesn’t matter where you run after your dreams of becoming an IAS officer or an entrepreneur—the journey is all about mental toughness, determination, attitude, and willpower to bring change to society.

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