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Places to Travel In India After Lockdown

Want to explore new places to travel in India after lockdown? we had a lot of plans made for 2020, but then someone ate a bat and ruined all our plans, giving us this pandemic. But now as the lockdown is opening gradually, we are getting another chance to fulfill our plans…
Skills & Learning

Tips to become freelancer - know your skills

 Do you have any doubts on how to become freelancer and earn good money? To help you This blog contain information to help you with the pathway of your carrier.  Hello, My name is Roshani Maurya. I am an Electrical Engineer turned Content Writer and Content Stylist. As…

Mental Disorders: Awareness & Ways to Prevent

A psychological term in our society is often considered as an abnormality that one goes through. This illness is often neglected due to its physical disappearance. Looking deeper into the term it exists in various forms that one cant easily expresses to others. When abnormal…

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Food & CultureTrends

Waves of Coffee Trends: From Nescafe to Micro Roasters

We all have witnessed the evolution of coffee in our lives, from instant coffee packets to CCD and then Starbucks the waves of coffee trends made us fall for the best quality caffeine rush that is handpicked as per our taste and style. Do you remember when we used to stir…