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The Story Live - Inspirational Media Portal & Positive News

The Story Live” aims at Inspirational Networking to inspire youth to achieve positivity by breaking all kinds of barriers. As we believe in making things happen and moving ahead in life, The Inspirational Media Portal is one such effort to cover positive stories from all walks of life. We cover different dimensions of positive news and youth trends to make difference in the lives of youth.

The Story Live - Our Inspiration

Its been said that negative influences impact our life in numerous ways. Being a youth filled with positive attitude and curiosity to achieve success, there is an intense need to fuel up your mind with positive thoughts and follow the path which leads your way to self-confidence and success in life. The Story Live is an attempt to help youth achieve them all.

Success can be defined as the achievement of your goals or even small things where you want to accomplish in life. No matter what it is, it surely brings a smile to your face and adds happiness in your life. There are habits that make you successful to lead better life.


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