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Upskilling India: Emergence for Skilling Ecosystem

India’s world’s youngest working population is expected to welcome millions of people into its workforce by the year 2023. Looking at the current situation of youth, we know that if we want to make the future of India bright in terms of its economy then there is…

Parenting tips: Make Youth To Understand Learnings of Life

The youth is our future. They should be healthy and be at peace to achieve the best they deserve in life. But they are facing issues that the previous generations have never even seen. Nurturing our kids under positive parenting is quite important these days. The…

Mental Perception of Beauty: How our Mind Works

Have you ever thought of mental perception and beauty? There is no denial in the fact that the world that we live in has been a little favourable to people who fit under the general standards of attractiveness. Beauty standards are changing throughout the world, but the…

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Waves of Coffee Trends: From Nescafe to Micro Roasters

We all have witnessed the evolution of coffee in our lives, from instant coffee packets to CCD and then Starbucks the waves of coffee trends made us fall for the best quality caffeine rush that is handpicked as per our taste and style. Do you remember when we used to stir…