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De-clutter Your Mind: Mental Peace & Productivity

Relax your brain, give it time to heal. We all are surrounded by too much chaos around but don’t let your mind get chaotic. So here are some ways you can take care of your mind and rejuvenate the sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Managing the Mindset: Decluttering unusual thoughts

Mental sickness, mental illness, mental trauma, etc. All these are nothing but signs of an unhealthy mind. Taking an example of the current situation that we are all going through COVID-19, we are all taking preventive measures day today (washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing, etc) for keeping ourselves fit and safe.

Similar is the case with any mental disease, we need to give it a regular checkup, a mode of refreshment, and some exercise to keep it fit. With the increasing competition around us, our mind tends to work with a 10x speed that we cant imagine.

  • Name a word and you will have hundreds of thoughts running related to it.
  • Think of a person and you will have hundreds of memories to think of.
  • Think of a place and you’ll have all the moments you spend or would ever think to spend there.
  • We have a strong tendency to think of even a situation that even does not exist.

With such a running routine how could anyone not get tired or sick? And so does our mind. But the question arises, Are these thoughts, memories, moments, opinions, etc worthy? Do they carry a sense of clarity? NO.

Often, we end up with too many things that entangle our minds and confuse them. Similar to the saying, “too many cooks, spoil the broth”.

How can we build a simple pathway for our minds?

Rest-Give your mind rest, exercising and mediation helps in this. It is important to think of things that surround your mind with positivity. You can indulge yourself in any spiritual activity that will help you to heal and bring out the better version of you.

Accept and let Go- Only if you let your mind accept things and not hang them in denial it will help your mind to grow. Once you accept something is wrong, understand what led to it, and let it go while throwing the light of positivity to shell off the mental burden.

Do what makes you happy- Doing things that make you happy and relaxation out of hectic routine can be of great help to your mind. One can take an hour out from their daily schedule and perform those things, It can be singing, Dancing, cleaning, cooking, painting, or just sitting and sipping a cup of tea or coffee.

Overcome Your Penitence-Don’t let your mind think and hang on things that went wrong. Staying and crying over things that mishappened in past leaves your brain in a phase that is left for no productivity.

Workout-It not only helps your body get strong and fit but also lets your mind mould in a better way. It helps you build self-confidence and lower the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also helps you sleep better. A healthy life is indeed good for the long term.

Have a good Sleep- sleep plays a housekeeping role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake. It is important to sleep for 6 hours a day.

Stare out of the Window-Look out, there’s immense beauty created by nature that will help you heal. The beauty of nature, the sunrise, the sunset, animals, plants, etc all these things will help you and your mind rejuvenate.

These little steps will surely help you heal both mentally and physically. Remember, don’t run to be ahead of the world but walk to grab your bit of happiness and don’t forget to smile.

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