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Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy Faux & Facts

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy

We are living in a very conscious world, where people are getting cautious about anything and everything. No, you got it wrong. It is important to be careful and cautious about Coronavirus, but there is another thing you’re getting overly conscious about – what you’re eating. We can achieve the phrase ‘Eat healthy stay healthy’, if we eat healthy food.

We have seen a major change in our routines – from when we used to eat home-cooked food every day, to a major change of foods on our tables. From eating home-cooked chapati-dal-rice to cornflakes, milk, green tea, oats, various types of seeds and whatnot, entered our tables as we knew health is wealth. But what change is this change bringing in our lives? Is it good, or bad? Does it really benefit us, or just harm us more? Is it affecting the saying ‘health is better than wealth’?

Eat healthy stay fit to fight against Coronavirus:

In this global pandemic, you must have noticed that almost every brand, especially brands related to food is talking about “health is wealth”, “Eat healthy stay fit” and “Slim and healthy”. This phrases have become one of the biggest marketing tactics for all companies, food, or not. The hashtag #healthy and related hashtags are so famous and trending right now, everyone trying to promote on the word and bank on it. These hashtags have posts in millions! Nowadays, the idea of health being promoted everywhere is eat healthy stay fit, because of which we humans, who already have insecurities about our bodies, start feeling it more and more and get influenced by all of this.

We see many lifestyles and health & fitness influencers boasting about products which they claim helped them. But is that true? Famous influencers are paid thousands and lacs of rupees for each post and collaboration. Should we really trust them and blindly follow their claims? Are their products really healthy for us or is it just a picture being created? Are these products really doing what they claim to be doing?

Eat healthy and stay healthy:

Here are some products which fulfill the motto of ‘eat healthy stay healthy’.

1. Milk

Eat healthy and stay healthy Different types of non-dairy milk

Types Of Milks which keeps your family healthy

Let’s start off with a very basic product, which is an important part of our lives – Milk. Our ancestors, us, have grown up, drinking cow milk, knowing that it’s healthy and good for us. But nowadays, people are saying that it makes people fat and choosing alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, fat-free milk, etc. These industries are worth billions of dollars today. But in reality, if we see the nutrition density, cow milk is the healthiest of them all. You should avoid cow milk and go for alternatives only if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant.

2. Green Tea

Green spa tea

Healthy Green Tea

This industry globally is almost worth 19 billion dollars, and marketing itself on what? It makes you “slim and healthy”. They also claim that, along with burning fat, it also improves brain function, prevents diabetes and cancer. If that was possible, then why are cancer researchers and doctors working hard to cure cancer?

3. Gluten-Free

Gluten free food

Gluten free Products

Another trend in the industry, which our wellness bloggers highly count on! But what exactly is gluten? It is a mixture of proteins found in Carbohydrates found in wheat, barley, and rye, which are, of course, good for our health. You should buy gluten free products only if you have celiac disease or are gluten sensitive. In reality, its harming us more by taking away the much-needed carbs for our body. The industry is almost worth $7 billion, selling their products at more than double the prices of products with gluten.


4. Protein Powder

Eat healthy and stay healthy Fitness supplements bottles composition

Protein Powders & Drinks

These billion-dollar industry’s products cost as much as gold, and influencers recommend you buy them. Why? Because they are paid to. Also, promoted as health is better than wealth. You need this supplement if, and only if, you are not able to reach your daily target of protein, which for women, 46 grams, and for men, 56 grams, which can be achieved by eating eggs, chicken, nuts, milk and soy chunks. And even if you don’t reach the mark every day, it is okay. These brands will never tell you its risks, harms and effects in the long run. In fact, no one can, these products are too new to know such effects.


5. Brown Products

Slices of brown bread with french baguette

Brown Breads

This products include rice, bread and sugar, which are being preferred brown over the white variants. When it comes to rice, the nutritional difference between brown rice and white rice is negligible, but in terms of cost, its hefty. Same goes with sugar and bread. Brown products cost more than white ones, claiming that they’re healthy, while in reality, there isn’t much difference.


6. “Healthy Snacks”

Background of beige corn sticks. A quick snack concept.

Healthy Snacks

All these, fat-free, baked not fried, air fried, low cal, cholesterol free, claims do not matter. But their ingredients do. Many low-fat snacks contain added sugars. All their controversial ingredients are in controversial names. For example, MSG as E 621, Carrageenan as E 407. If you see the ingredients carefully, many yogurts have the same amount of sugar as a chocolate. There is no such concept of vegetable chips. They are as bad as potato chips, which technically is also a vegetable. Protein bars have all sorts of harmful ingredients and sugars.  Every product can call itself trans fat as long as they adhere to the 0.5-gram cap.


7. Vitamin Water

Eat healthy and stay healthy Bottle of water concept illustration

Vitamin water

Making its claims to be healthier than soda, claiming that its all we need. But in reality, each bottle of vitamin water contains 8 teaspoons of sugar. So is it exactly healthy and is all we need?

Do not always trust advertisements and studies. They can be bought and manipulated. With such industry players, health has become nothing but a mere tactic to make big bucks. Even in the times of the pandemic, they are making good money out of this tactic. Be aware, careful and safe from such claims and not harm your body but adopting such practices.

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