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Love: Is it the only ingredient to suffice relationships?


As we all know that ‘No man is an island.’Whether he is brawny or delicate,everyone in this world needs a person to rely upon in his/her life for some love.Amidst the hurries and scurries of life,if we have a person as our support system then the life seems to be little less chaotic and easier to handle.The relationships we build affects the kind of person we ultimately turn into.

Building a healthy and long lasting relationship is not a child’s play.It demands alot more than just love to sustain it.

Take out some time to reflect upon your personal relationships,whether it may be with a close friend,your dearest family or your partner.Do your bonds require nurturing?So I will let you know the ingredients of a long lasting bond which if cultivated together proactively will strengthen your bond of love.

  1. You need to build a strong sense of trust with your partner.It is a vital element which can make or break a relationship.Trusting the other person means that you believe that he/she is reliable and will always have your back in pleasant as well as adverse times.Trust is not always inborn but has to be cultivated together so that the two people feel secure in each other’s company physically and emotionally.
  2. Understanding is something which is the core of a stern relationship.Bonds with a good understanding have a rock solid foundation which lasts till eternity.You need to learn to be sensitive to your partner’s thoughts and needs.Sometimes there is a need for you to step into their shoes and explore a perspective which is partially or completely different from yours.At the end of the day,however close we are,but we are different human beings conditioned by our own life experiences.The need is the acceptance of a whole new stance or viewpoint with a mature mindset.
  3. Communication is the masterkey to the majority of problems which a bond suffers.You need to lend your ears to your partner at times and also learn to express your opinions at the same time.Communication gap corrodes many relationships these days.You need to be completely open and honest so that the other person gets a clear understanding of your frame of reference regarding things.Maybe sometimes you will end up fighting because we all know its easier said than done.But,conveying your thoughts will certainly bind you together at the end into a more mature and real bond.Developing such a comfort zone in which both of you can communicate well with each other freely without any fear will always keep misunderstandings at bay.Always remember,‘We don’t fight or argue’ is a red flag for your bond.Never presume it to be a sign of a healthy relationship.
  4. Respect is also an imminent part of a healthy bond.Respecting your partner is accepting them for who they actually are and loving them for that.It is more of a expression of love we have for the other one.Giving respect contributes to the well being of the other person and makes the bond more fulfilling.So,learn to respect your partner’s thoughts,principles as well as value system.Don’t underestimate the power of this cornerstone because if it shakes,then even the most beautiful bonds demolish in the sands of time.
  5. Compromises are something which are the indicators of a real bond.When you step into a relationship,you need to shun the idea of always thinking about individual self but rather make decisions collectively as a team and reach to a healthy consensus,so that both of you remain happy.Relationship is more about a healthy partnership so that positivity always flows through it.
  6. Loyality as its said is a two-way street and must be kept sacred by the ones in a relationship.It means sticking to your words and commitments to your loved one and avoiding the temptations around you.Getting deviated by the golden apples on your way and sacrificing a worthy partner for it is a fool’s idea of glory or happiness.Remaining faithful to your partner makes you a true gentleman in a world full of betrayers.
  7. Taking ownership of your own happiness is something which people forget while discussing about a healthy relationship.You cannot expect your partner to create happiness for you magically.He/She will only add up to the happiness you create for yourself.Always remember ‘Two happy people make  a stable and sound relationship’.Being oblivious to your own likings and interests while serving your partner will only fetch you frustration and a feeling of discontentment in the long run.

Relationships are not merely about the pleasant moments of love which we capture through our cameras and post on social media.Its sticking together,fighting and growing at the times of adversity too.A relationship of value will increase your emotional wellbeing,help you in creating stability and will protect you from vicissitudes of life.It delays mental and physical decline and are a better predictor of long and happy lives than social class,IQ,education or even genes.

So,ponder about it before its too late because ‘the best thing to hold onto in life is each other’.

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