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Mental Disorders: Awareness & Ways to Prevent

A psychological term in our society is often considered as an abnormality that one goes through. This illness is often neglected due to its physical disappearance.

Looking deeper into the term it exists in various forms that one cant easily expresses to others. When abnormal thoughts, anxiety, bad relationship, unhealthy social influence, negativity surrounds your mind it leads to the development of an unhealthy thought process that hinders you from taking things ahead in a positive manner.

What does Mental disorder include?

There are over more than 200 mental disorders that exist in today’s world out of which some are quite prevalent and known to most of us.


It is a mood disorder that involves a feeling of sadness and loss of interest.there are many symptoms that include depression it can be a bad mood, change in appetite, uneven sleep behaviour, overthinking, etc.


It is a mental disorder that usually occurs when you step in your adolescence.its an impact on speech, thinking, emotion, and other areas of life. The symptoms that include are lack of motivation, lack of potential, difficulty in speaking and expression, difficulty in concentrating, lack of facial expression, etc.


Dementia occurs when a nerve of the brain stops working. It occurs to all as we grow older but people suffering from dementia face this problem a bit early. There are many types of dementia but the most common is ALZHEIMER. Here are some symptoms that can be seen when a person is suffering from dementia, they are, Memory loss, difficulty in reading and understanding, a problem in speaking and writing, etc

4.Bipolar disorder

Also known as manic depression, in this situation the person suffers extreme variation in moods and fluctuation of energy in performing day to day activity. Hallucination also occurs from time to time. the symptoms are feeling excessive boredom, feeling weird, racing of thoughts, excessive talking, etc. The burden of mental disorder gradually grows leading to several mishappenings for oneself which leaves others with nothing but just a feeling of regret.

There’s a saying, “there is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t”.You don’t have to struggle in silence. You are more precious to this world than you’ll ever know.

Smaller steps lead to the place where one wanted to reach, this sentence not only justifies the steps to success and happiness but also to mental disorders.

How it all starts?

Knowing that you faced some difficulty in any situation makes you feel bad which leads to bad or depressed mood. Our mind tends to bend in that particular direction and keeps processing those thoughts leading to stress, anxiety and depression. Don’t let stress take over you, stop and realize to understand what going through. Become a little bit strong to handle the situations or take help of a professional psychologist.

A Much Needed Pause

Anxiety is the usual thing that we might all face in day to day life, but sometimes a longer behavioural attitudes can lead you towards depressive traits. It’s important to stop for a while, think about yourself or situations, and then accept that its okay to feel that way but try to come out as soon as possible. Once you accept the feeling or emotion then you can find ways to get over it. You don’t need to race in your life, take small steps slowly to manage your state of mind and control the situations.

Ways to fight mental disorders

  • Begin with Acceptance, accept what is wrong with you, denial will only misguide your heart and mind.
  • Take a Deep Breath, it does help in all situations. Deep breathing helps you calm your mind and soul.
  • Try turning towards a positive side of life. Think of all the good that has come to you and by the time this phase will also pass by.
  • Emotional awareness is one of the most important parts of our behaviour. Once you recognize your emotion (good or bad) you will learn to cope with it.
  • Value Yourself, feel grateful for your presence on this planet. You have much to achieve and lot to give which cant be snatched by anybody else.
  • At last, communicate, talk to people, seek advice, seek help. It is a sign of strength and not anything to feel shame about.

REMEMBER: A Million Dollar Advice for Mental Health

Mental health is important. We need it today, tomorrow, and every day. Respect people’s feelings and be kind to all. Sympathy is good but it only proves to be worthy if you empathize with the person too. It’s very important to ensure a comfort zone for everyone to come out of the miseries.

Psychological Fact: Positive Eye Contact & Smile

Positive Eye contact and a beautiful smile are so satisfying for oneself and to the person. Psychology says it helps to take out the stress from your mind. So next time when you are sitting idle, smile and it will suddenly make all the difference.

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