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Parenting tips: Make Youth To Understand Learnings of Life


The youth is our future. They should be healthy and be at peace to achieve the best they deserve in life. But they are facing issues that the previous generations have never even seen. Nurturing our kids under positive parenting is quite important these days.

The relationship between parents and their young ones should be healthy and cooperating so the young have the ability to face the challenges thrown on their faces with healthy and positive parenting.

Parenting tips for our young ones-

Social Media: Do you have a life 

Everyone owns a smartphone causing constant distractions and is not able to focus on studies and other general and important aspects. They are always hooked to them and not sparing any time for the family, but in the world of digital transformation, we need to assure internet safety for kids to set an example of good parenting for our young ones.

They literally pour their life on social media and personal communication and socializing is lessened. A condition, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), is being faced by them and make further makes them more isolated and depressed. Parents can’t right away snatch phones or change internet passwords but instead tell them to indulge in other outdoor activities which are more satisfying like playing outdoors, swimming, anything they want, that could be a sign of bad parenting for their children.

Staying Away from Addictions

The young ones feel pride in consuming alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. They want to do things we ask them to stay away from. Parents should express their disapproval which makes a big impact on the child’s mind. Also, the parents should be open to the young, coming and discussing if they have made a mistake. Don’t overreact and find healthier ways to help them move on. Trust your children, but not blindly. These days the kids don’t know the value of parents, how they are trying hard to follow the path of positive parenting for the betterment of their kids.

Being Self-centred Is Wrong

The new generation wants everything on a flash of a button, they are not patient. They believe in I, Me, and Myself. “My life my rules” is their motto. They need to anyhow come out of this definite shell. It should be discussed, what matters the most to them and character development and moral values that they need to live with. That totally depends upon the parents how they want to do their parenting.

Education comes First

The youth today needs to understand that though quality education is very important, there are many more spheres other than Engineering and Medicine. They should also look for other career options also and not fall under peer or parental pressure. Parents should not force their children to choose a career of their choice. Let the child decide. After all, it’s the child’s life, happiness, and future.

Find your strength in Family 

Older generations stayed in joint families and everyone adjusted with each other in all departments. But with the passage of time and search for jobs made nuclear families a norm. The young do not want anybody’s interference in life. They forget their manners when speaking to elders and grandparents and don’t wish to help them or spend some time with them. They learn kindness, teamwork, respect, and sincerity while staying with them. Also, this instills in their minds that a strong and stable family backing is very important and also not financial but emotional support is a must. And also one does not necessarily have to go back to staying in joint families to imbibe these traits in them. Just learn to respect everyone. We have seen in various studies that the nurturing perceived from maternal parenting and paternal parenting are quite different to some extent. Many kids have received aggression from the parenting process that can be sorted out through mediation.

Committing to your life while avoiding Pressures

As kids grow into young adults, they prefer peers of the parenting process that can understand their kids in a better way. Here, parents should provide comfort to a secure home so that they grow and explore the outside world and come back without hesitation if the need arises. Also, they know that their parents are getting old and they need to be cared for. When the children get well settled in either with their jobs or business, parents want them to get married and start a family. But marriage shouldn’t be a priority, it should be a choice. When they feel right, then only they should take a plunge and not under parental or social pressure. They should be given their personal space and not be controlling.

Self-esteem is one of the crucial factors that every individual has their own, along with the process of parenting behavior.

Children sharing a healthy and secure relationship with their parents are optimistic, confident, social, independent, and disciplined, which signifies good parenting. They usually develop healthy and content relationships with others. They can handle difficult situations without being emotionally stressed. The positive parenting process is one of the processes to keep our kids motivated and stress-free.

Get to know your children. No matter how big they are, they look to you for comfort. Give them and share a beautiful bond for the whole life.


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