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How to Begin the Journey of Self-Belief

Do you remember dumbo-the flying elephant? Every other animal said he couldn’t do it but he believed in himself that he can fly…he dived and when he was about to smash in a tiny pool, words of his friend, timothy the mouse, echoed in his ear ‘”It’s not the feather, it’s you! You can fly. Forget the feather. It’s time to dive.” And he flies. Not feathers but his self believe made him fly.

It’s not easy being positive always, sometimes negative thoughts overlap positive mind and it leads to self doubt anger disbelief and many other emotions. A person often gets discouraged about life but strong is the one who overcomes it with a smile. A smile just like you have while eating the first mango in summer.

Why you should believe in yourself?

Not believing in self leads to failure in life. There are many things you haven’t done just because you lack self-belief. The thoughts like ‘I can’t do it, others are much better than me, what I will do if I fail ‘and other negative emotions hit us differently. If you get stuck in these thoughts just change your direction and do something that makes you happy and confident. it could be reading, listening to music, strolling on streets or anything. Try it, it will give you joy.

Have faith!

Don’t limit yourself; be open up to challenges and opportunities. You know no one is born with confidence and limits, have you ever seen a kid saying ‘I can’t come to this world, doctor’? No, right? Same it’s you who is staying in the nest instead of flying.

Believing in yourself is your first step towards your dream.

Bid a farewell to negativity.

First, you need to recognize the direction of negative vibes, is it from fake friends or the one who bullied you in school or relatives who show you down all the time? Once you get the way of, block it forever and open the way for positivity in your life.

All you need to remember is this wasn’t your call to start discouraging and disbelieving in yourself, it all started when you believed in someone’s voice. So if you can believe in their false belief in you than why is it too hard to believe in yourself?

Turn failures into opportunities

Know your weakness and turn them into your strength. Many of us step back because we think it’s right to stay in the comfort zone when the truth is it isn’t. Staying in the comfort zone will never take you to the sky you want. You analyze yourself and come up with the way to defeat your weakness.

For example, if you spend too much time on social media and cannot get rid of the addiction you learn social media marketing and get some work at the same time! Or if you can overthink too much in a good way and imagine things, it can also be used in a good opportunity. 

Remember dumbo was also a topic of a joke because of his ears and he wanted to get rid of them but instead used them as an opportunity to escape for his own life!

Develop your skills

If you think are good at something, nurture it till you become confident. It could be technical or any skill which you can use in your life and journey towards self-confidence. Why do you need this? To fill your mind with qualities and positive aspects to enhance your behaviour. 

Now there will be confident in yourself about how better you are than others.

Stop comparing to Sharma ji ka ladka!

You really need to stop comparing yourself with others; your parents and relatives have done that enough in your school time.

Comparing to others life will only let you doubt your worth and it will sabotage your self-belief. Instead of comparing to others, focus on your own growth.

Surround with happy people.

If you think people around you are letting you down and making you feel useless, just let them go. You anyway don’t need them, It is very easy to cut away from yourself from negativity. Surround yourself more with people who criticize you for your best, motivate you to achieve and full your life with positivity and peace.

All you need to learn is you are wonderful, you are unique and there is only one you. Make yourself worth it and enjoy life because life is beautiful.

Be happy, keep smiling.



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