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Struggles Of Life: Why Optimism is a Key to Success

Struggle starts the moment we take birth, every step has some struggle involved in it. Not the kind of struggle through which ‘star kid’ goes through (you know what I mean), the real struggle starts when you enter the real world and try to make your place. A world full of criticism, nepotism, favouritism, groupism, exploitation, power politics and accusation needs an optimistic mind to survive. Not only freshers or unsuccessful people face it, but most successful people have also gone through this phase of life.

We face struggles in school, colleges, workplaces, society and where not! but the genius is the one who has the ability to turn them as an opportunity and face them with a positive mindset. Being an optimist doesn’t mean to see blooming flowers all the time. Every day is not the same as other good days – optimism does help us to see the opportunity and another side of the situation helps us in our growth and makes us move forward.

Here are the few ways to overcome the phase of struggle and face it strongly.

Being Optimistic

Staying positive is the only aspect to heal the suffering mind. Sometimes we become negative when life doesn’t go according to our plan, but that’s what life is. It never goes according to plan, so its best to wake up every day with a strong spirit and enthusiasm to put a little more efforts in life. and if you’re a Bollywood soul, then remember “jitna bhi try Karo, life me Kuch Na Kuch to chootega hi, to Jahan hai wahi ka maza lete hai na!”(no matter how much you try, something will be left out, so it’s better to enjoy what you have and where you are). Even Buddha says The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Come Out of Solitude

Staying alone and fighting with the situation on own doesn’t help at all. Moreover, it worsens the situation. It is important to surround yourself with your family and friends, talk to them, ask for help, find a solution together. They are the roots of you who keep you stand strong. always keep in mind that you are not alone. In the struggle phase, there come many situations where a person finds it very hard to face.that’s where you need people who love you and genuinely care about you.

Dear Diary!

Remember when we were kids we use to have a personal diary? We use to write everything in it whether it’s about the whole day, crush’s secret, celebs pictures, quotes and what not! but slowly as we begin to move forward in life, some happy habits left behind of us. Why not start it again? Whether you are in a happy mood or bad mood, write that down in your journal. things you can not speak to anyone, write that in your diary, let your emotions pour out on that journal. You should confess, plan, list down experiences, prepare a bucket list and do whatever it takes to give rest to your mind and soul.

Don’t Hesitate to Explore

Sometimes taking a break from the hustle-bustle of life and going to places is best therapy one could have. Our mother nature has lots of things to offer, you need to have look for it. exploring places, getting lost in serenity, involving with localities might freshen your mind and you may start having a different aspect. remember bunny from YJHD, Chalo,udo,daudo, giro par Ruko mat!” (you should walk, you should fly, you should run.. but don’t stop in the middle)

Keep Trying

Never say never! keep faith in yourself and never let that fade away. face the failures and learn to move ahead for better. practising more will lead you to success one day, it never disappoints. no matter how hard the situation is, you need to overcome the circumstances every time life knocks you down.

always remember  “koshish karne walon ki Kabhi haar nahi hoti”. (those who try, never fails)

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