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New Phase in the fight: Optimism, Consciousness & More

After a long period of time,” people staying in their homes are now thinking to rush out to the market to just fulfill those missed out moments which they were not able to fulfill during the time of lockdown. But we need to be conscious of whatever we put our hands into as things are still not the same. We have always believed in this quote”Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and what could go right” but it is the high time we understand the value of right and wrong to protect ourselves as well as our family members.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, things have really taken a major hit. It could have been worse if we all would haven’t stayed in lockdown for a while. There are great complications which have visible effects on the economy as well as the people at the bottom of the pyramid, who have got affected in a worse manner. In order to save our country from worsening effects, we need to ensure the cycle of economic activities to revive the lost businesses. It will also help people to get back their lost jobs due to the pandemic.

Keeping the past things past we need to move ahead with time and learn to cope up with things in a way that keeps our lives going. Remember, the situation remains the same in terms of the threat but we are granted permission so that all of us could get moving slowly with our day to day life. We, of course, have to learn to live with the new normal but with attentiveness and consciousness.

Now is the time we need to be aware of and be responsible for our surroundings. We should work accordingly with a positive mind and attitude taking all the precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe and secure.

Remember 2020 is the year where we need to be just safe with no demands, no wants but to only fulfill those of the needs which are essential for us and our family. Looking at the demographics of our country, it is the youth that has been facing serious issues due to the circumstances arising in the country. There are people who recently got their jobs after graduation but many of them have lost the opportunity due to the recession like scenario., Students who were on the verge of getting a job got stuck as they are still waiting for the final year exams to happen soon.

It’s time when you stop looking for Sundays and try to get time for yourself, you need to utilize this time as there are plenty of online courses going on the internet through which you can enhance your skills so as to make yourself ready for the competitive market. This is the thing which can make you stand out of the rest. Explore the hidden talents that you have, you never know when your hobby turns into passion and leads you towards an opportunity of earning well.

For people looking for a job, there are much work from home opportunities available that will help you to feel your worth and will also give a chance to use the time productively that till now you felt was wasted. Look around you there is a lot to do, a lot to think .lot to feel and lot to change. While you are at your homes even after the relaxations in restrictions, you will not miss out much. You will be ensuring growth and safety for yourself.

When was the last time we all had this much time staying at home, giving time to family, celebrating together? think?

We all wished for this thing at some of the other points in our life to get some time out of the chaos. Relish the moment, relish yourself, relish your family, relish your pets and stay optimistic towards the coming future.

We all must have heard about the story of the tortoise and rabbit in our childhood. Now is the time to act like a tortoise. Do your things slowly and steadily and don’t lose your hopes.

Keep your hopes high, work steadily. 

And prove the quote right with a bit of variation in it” Slow, Steady and Positive wins the race” and we will hopefully win this race to fight against this pandemic.

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