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Inspirational:Facing Struggles & Moving Ahead

You know it’s a vicious cycle – study to earn money and earn money to survive. It’s making us forget how to live, be at peace and be human and that’s what troubles me the most. We complain about everything while we do nothing. The universe is a balance of energy; reciprocate the positive energy and be kind to every kind.

My entire life has been a turning point. From my grandfather’s death to my mother’s operation, from break ups to encounters with anxiety attacks and a never-ending chaos. As a child, I grew up to realize that home is an occasional feeling. I saw my mother as a strict woman but as I grew up I realized we’re all a child who need love and care. Growing up meant accepting realities of life and becoming my mother’s best friend. As I recognized the reasons for her hard exterior self, I became her.

Last few years have been challenging due to a web of deaths around me. It all came down to learning that we all go through things that we want no one else to go through and that’s what makes us stronger; we just need to remind ourselves that everyone has that one life long struggle with pain; Conceal it from the world and let them know you’re happy but choose people with whom you can be your own true self. Through pain and poetry, I’ve known life more closely and have understood that there’s no linear order presented on a platter, just live it your own way and help those who cannot help themselves.
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