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Toxicity: Dealing with Negative People & Approaches

There is a popular saying that you cannot expect to have positivity in your life if you are surrounded too much with negative people. It’s true that we get influenced by our surroundings a lot and it works the same way inspiration or motivation does, but it’s all bad here. We think that if we are positive we won’t get into any negative thought by just being with someone who is negative, but that’s not what the truth is. 

Psychological research shows that negativity is not only harmful but highly contagious. So simply, it doesn’t matter how positive a person you are, you can get infected unless you take all the precaution and preventive measures. The side effects of negativity are even more dangerous, the brain chemicals that release when you think negative can even make your immune system weak and increases the risk of cardiac arrest and mental problems. So now you see how toxic these people can be!

How do negative people behave?

It’s not very difficult to spot these Negative Nancy or Debbie Downers. You will find these people worrying about anything and everything all the time, whether it’s a career or even an outfit. They also anticipate that something wrong will happen. These people hate experimenting, and will never step out of their comfort zone ever, and even will try to convince you in doing the same. Taking risk is not what they really do. They are so pessimistic that they can even see darkness in the sunshine too, for them the jug is always half empty and not half-filled!

Negative people complain about everything, they are never happy with their life. They feel that something is lacking all the time. It’s like they don’t have the word perfect or best in their dictionary. These people just suck out the energy in you, and being with them makes you feel tired and hopeless. It becomes really toxic when you will realize that this type of people will start being jealous of your success. They’ll always be like, why not me? How do you get everything so easily? Or your life is so good! Negative people generally don’t have much experience in life, but they always act like they know everything.

We all have various kinds of people in our life. It could be our friends or a workmate and sometimes even your life partner. You really can’t avoid some of them. But you can do a bit to save yourself from being caught by this negativity.

How to deal with negative people?

When someone really drains you all the time and it feels impossible to keep yourself out from falling in their zone, it becomes a real problem. And how do you act in a way that doesn’t reinforce their negativity–and maybe even helps them?

The answer is simple: just maintain a healthy boundary, you can dig deeper to help them without falling into the hole. Instead of getting influenced by them, try to find the issue, there must be some hole and fill it with your positive vibe. Help them feel positive from inside and not to just act positively but access the feelings in a broadway. When they start something negative in the conversation just don’t stop them, let them speak, listen to them but not for very long. Try to bring their attention to the positive side after that.

I have learned that you can’t always save the world, but you can make the world better or your surroundings better by working on yourself first. First, protect your positive space and then help other people to do the same.

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