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Dealing With Rejections: To Be More Confident

dealing with rejection

The better you are handling your fear of rejection, and dealing with rejections, a huge amount of faith and confidence you can gain.

We all learn lessons in life. Some stick, some don’t. I have always learned more from rejections & failures than from acceptance & success” – Henry Rollins.

Humans are dicey. At one point, you know them, but, on the other, they become distinct. As human nature, we keep on thinking stuff that we all are dealing with rejections in life. We aren’t mindless robots who do the same thing, live the same way, have the same outlook on life. Therefore, if we all have been common, so where does this question arise from to be unique, we all do have different feelings, perspectives, tastes & choices. So yes, we do face different chapters of life, like being overwhelmed, encouraged, anxiety, curiosity, moaning, provoking, failures, success, resigning, etc. over something or someone. These happen differently with different people as they move forward in their paths, which are no way similar to each other.

So, when it comes to failures, it also consists of an unavoidable yet a necessary part of our lives.

Rejection: What is it?

Rejection! Yes, let’s talk about it today as we have all faced this at some or the other point in our life. This word itself might have loosened all your hopes & possibly made you feel unworthy to decide between the paths. But it’s a normal part of life and happens with most of us. We should agree that yes, we all had faced rejection in our social, personal & corporate life.  In terms of referring to instances, we might have it in our own family, around peer groups, or with a romantic partner, maybe in a large or small way in everyday life. 

No one wants rejection indeed, but taking it practically, rejection is a part of our life. Let’s first understand what impact does it have in our life.

Impact of Rejection in Our Life

Rejection is a part of our life events, such as being’ degraded from your desired position’ or ‘a letter of rejection from college’ or maybe ‘heartbreaks or break up with your loved ones due to some or other thing.’  One facing these scenarios can fall prey to being hurt or feeling worthless. The people, after getting rejection get so cruel to themselves, feel low & flood themselves with hopelessness, unworthiness & negativity. 

As a lot of psychological study shows that our reactions to rejections are based on our past so, slightly, how we react to rejection is quite severe and it might reflect our ability to deal with the instances. Contrary to how we feel after being rejected, we should always have positive hopes and the ability to tackle challenges in life and dealing with rejections. The only thing we should remember is just to improve and learn rather than ending up at the vicious circle of regret and worst self-destructing experiences. We need to influence our minds to develop courage for ourselves and see the positive side to bring a self-change.

How People with “Rigid Mindset” See Rejection?

If one is having a “rigid mindset,” they don’t accept the faults and blame themselves & their toxic personality. When they face this without even having a second guess, they tend to consider everything is hopeless & less important. On the other side, having a “growth mindset”, one could easily cope with challenges & dealing with rejections as an element of growth & change. They are hopeful, willing & optimistic towards their future goals & find rejection as their next best opportunity. So, one should reset their mindset accordingly.

Life is full of adventure, challenges, hurdles & all about learning. If we can grasp & make life more flexible & mild then we see more gains & fewer losses; we can grow more within ourselves, and suffering will be short. One having a positive attitude will enrich themselves with self-determination & self-understanding in order to feel more strong in coping with the failures of life.

Rejection: A “Warning Sign” for Scope of Improvement

Rejection is like a ‘warning signal’ for you and might show you a need to improve yourself. It can be seen as an outcome of less-hard work and efforts. In this competitive world, we put lot of effort and sometimes end up getting failed and hence we feel rejected, this is how it challenges us to do more, learn more, and try to become successful.

Finding faults & give-ups will only make you weak in the future, and you might miss a lot of opportunities in the long run, which might have helped you in growth. Therefore, you must figure out yourself, learn, and understand what needs to be changed, what are the key points that you need to reform for better outcomes in the future.

How to Cope Up: Actionable Strategy for Overcoming Rejections

  • Try Again, things didn’t work out at the very first, or second . . . . . or even tenth time. Try to figure out what you lack in, Improve, guide yourself & try again. Life’s all about hit & trial to find better chances to grow and fight tough.                                            
  • Indulge yourself in positivity, don’t get too often in self-doubt, & criticize ourselves. It will never work out. Try to figure out a solution, improve your search for ideas that will help you for the next time. 
  • Yield acceptable prospects: Use this rejection as a tool for self-help, enrich, growth & levels up motivation & create momentous moving forward. Build your confidence that if it turns out to be accepted, it’s good for me. But if you face rejection, then don’t you think something’s better for you is still waiting.
  • Embrace your inner-self: Don’t get biased, cruel over ourselves. Know your self-esteem & stick to it. You better know yourself than anyone would have just predicted. You can explore as much as you can if you boost up your subconscious-self. Focus on what you have in your life & you live for. Then again, figure out your constructive step for the future. Everything is temporary, nothing is permanent, so it’s ultimately better to move forward.
  • Rejection diminishes our “Need to belong” We all belong to a particular set of groups in society. Getting a rejection sometimes makes us disconnected from this group and makes us feel quite hurting and painful. Reconnecting with those who love us, value & accept is a better way to see sentimental soft corners for us. That will also soothe emotional pain after a rejection. We don’t want to pretend to be perfect; we all do have flaws & great capabilities all we need to accept who we are & glorify ourselves. 

By using these tips, you could build a healthy state of mind, which will help you to dealing with rejections and persist for longer while others are quitting in the face of adversity & that could be the edge you need to hold for your desired outcomes.

The more you put effort & take a step ahead, the better you will be prepared for future rejections.

‘Always remember rejection is a part of your life; you should see it as an opportunity to grow and gain success in life.’ 

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