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Failures: Why it is a Pathway to the Success

Yesterday, while I was walking on the street I saw a small child with his mom, who was trying to walk, though he was falling on the ground on and off but didn’t stop to put in efforts; which suddenly struck on my mind, why is it that whenever we fail we do not try it back again?

I’ve heard people answering this question by giving a very proactive statement which is “Maybe this is just not made for you.” Why? Nobody has defined failure as so, whereas failure actually means re-direction, opportunity, courage and growth., these four can be recognised as the elements of failure wherein re-direction refers to opting plan B when plan A fails. Opportunity means conducting an examination of the internal and external forces of the environment and developing the desired goal, courage leads to self-motivation of oneself and develop a zeal to accomplish one’s goal. Whereas growth refers to overall development i.e, moving out of your comfort zone and achieving your desired goal.

Failures are necessary

You may get 99 NO’s but after those, there will be a YES, for an instance let’s talk about a rose; all of us have noticed the soft and gentle petals of it but what we fail to notice are these pointed horns on the stem, life isn’t an easy journey but it doesn’t mean that any sort of un accomplishment will let us down.

Failure and success are like the two sides of the same coin, all of us have come across the quote which states, “No pain, No gain.” So is it with success and failure, has one every imagined why is that when a person is dead his/her heartbeat is recognised by a straight line and when a person is alive his/her heartbeat is represented by zig-zag lines? Because life is all about ups and downs if ones life goes smooth and straight as a dead person heartbeat there is no scope of development and growth whereas ups and downs get through each and every experience of life. 

“Your failures lead the roadmap towards your victory.”

Even stars need darkness to shine bright

Then why is it that any sort of minor failure, career failure, relationship failure, health failure leads to a near to death experience; yes, I am talking about depression, depression doesn’t only you kill you from outside but it also leads to loss, the loss of smiling, happy and innocent mind, but people do win from it too. By believing in themselves and putting their head, heart and soul in whatever they are doing, failure doesn’t only lead to success but brings a lot of learning with itself too. The journey of success to failure has to go through various stages namely, shock and surprise, denial, anger and blame, depression, acceptance last but not the least insights and change, let’s take an example of any small business enterprise every business has its own struggle, to establish, ones a business a established the next struggle is to retain the name of the business but the environment being so dynamic has bought various changes in the environment. Struggle represents the area which requires hard work . 

Failure changes a person from where he was to where he is

failures can be referred to as the roadblock of life which hits you hard but make you strong enough to handle any sort of miss happening ahead, let’s talk a small example of a lady who was diagnosed with diabetes, Inspite on being on heavy medication she wasn’t able to overcome her diabetes some said that would this would be there for a lifetime, some said it is life-threatening and whatnot, but she’s didn’t give up instead of opting for more medicines she bought herself a cycle which she started riding for 3 hours long in a day and after a year her diabetes was gone!

 Failure does lead to take a step back for a bigger and better leap, but in the present scenario we all have witnessed a negative impact from failures, failures aren’t that bad because they make you strong and increase your zeal and hunger towards your goal. Which ultimately leads to the betterment of the person’s personality and change in behaviour along with increment in learning, knowledge & experience.

Before I end my article I would like to highlight certain tips to overcome failure;

  1. Be honest to yourself: being honest to yourself means to conduct a SWOT analysis of your own self knowing your strength, weakness, opportunity and threats can help you to determine your goals and can also help you to map down a plan to achieve it.
  2. Assume failure as a challenge: If you see failures as a challenge it will create a zeal within yourself to achieve your determined goals with a greater hunger within yourself.
  3. Treating failure as a step closer to success; this is one of the most important tips to conquer failure. If we see failure as a part of the success it helps you to self motivate yourself.
  4. Learn from what you have been through; failures do let people down but one needs to learn from his/her experience so that if a similar sort of situation occurs in future you know the way to tackle it.
  5. Last but not the least,” YOU are the best.” As a child, I always heard my grandmother say that tough days only come on the way of people who can handle them. If you come across any sort of failure in life; it is to test your strength so that one can achieve whatever dreamt of with a higher pace.

Thus, I would like to conclude the article with a few lines written by me.

So what is life?
Life is a beautiful journey,
Filled with ups and downs,
Like a roller coaster ride.
Making your own way
Through, the darkest days.
And building your own future
By, the brightest day.
The journey has many hurdles too,
And does have a path filled with roses beyond the horns.
Failure is a must; as it pulls you up,
To fight for the dream,
Which is still out of your reach.
It keeps you awake day and night in the search of that one ray of the vibrant light.

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