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Frustration: Tips to Overcome the Gloomy Feeling


Don’t we feel gloomy and out of the world sometimes? We all have some desires, goals, and ambitions which we strive to gratify. It happens that we are often unable to reach our targets – our ambitions sometimes exceed our abilities or often external barriers stand in our way. But whatever the cause, it frustrates and irritates us a lot, as frustration is a human emotion.

Everyone feels frustrated at some point in time in life, and hence it’s a very common feeling. It’s a feeling of being irritated or less confident because we cannot achieve what we want. We feel upset and annoyed and a very negative feeling. It is an unpleasant experience when things are not working the way we want them to work. 

Why do we feel frustrated?

Internal source- It usually involves the disappointment that we get when we cannot have what we want as a result of personal or imagined deficiencies, which included lack of confidence or fear of social situations. Her frustration is related to emotions.

External source- This type of source included the conditions outside the person such as physical roadblocks we encounter in life, other people, and things that get in the way of our goals. External frustration is something that is unavoidable.

How to overcome frustration?

  • Make your failure a lesson – failures can take our minds to a sense of lack. It’s very normal to get frustrated by failure. Sometimes we often get hit by one failure after another and which understandably leads to frustration. Try to see failure in a positive way. This will help you to change your emotions and reactions.
  • Face your fear – Frustration can be a reaction to fear, and fear can be a big scary thing. It starts with a very small task, but after pushing it back for a long time, it becomes bigger and bigger, and it ends up creating fear and frustration inside a person. Try to do things that you are scared of. Starting it’ll be difficult, but with the time you’ll end up feeling free and lifted.
  • Find the Source – Try to figure out the source of frustration. Frustration can be caused by a number of reasons, but it can cripple us and set our daily life out of track. Feeling frustrated is okay, but as soon as you understand the cause of frustration, the sooner you’ll know how to get rid of it.
  • Acknowledge old pain or trauma—Many have experienced some type of trauma in life. Sometimes we may have some old pain left inside from bad experience, hence we feel frustrated. The frustrations from unsolved problems will result in feeling bad without knowing why. The only way is to learn to deal with your past. It means acknowledging your pain, It can set you free. Because of a better understanding of yourself, your emotions, and your reactions to certain situations, you’ll be able to let go of the frustration.

Frustration is a part of life. It is a positive sign that means that there is a solution, however, what you are currently doing is not working. Frustration is the message that you have to approach the situation in a different manner. Frustration is a signal for you to become more flexible and start to find different ways to do what you are doing. 

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