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True love: Can long-distance relationships be sustained?

true love

Relationship, love, trust, understanding- Can true love thrive in our hearts only with these? People nowadays think that distance is a barrier, but what I think, it can be said as the test of the relationship how true and strong it is. The distances should not come in between in terms of intensity of love and affection. Staying far from each other and yet having that strong bond and affection really emerges as a true bond of the purest form of love.

Many of us are scared of long-distance relationships for certain reasons. They might have seen some people cheating on their partners or it could be anything. If you’re about to come in the long-distance relationship, then don’t let go of this feeling, just because you’re scared of getting a heartbreak. Are you willing to let go of such an incredibly beautiful feeling just because it doesn’t work for others? Genuinely saying, the traditional relationship won’t give the exact happiness and the feeling that you get in long distance. Many aspects are associated with the long-distance relationship, where we forget to see the silver lining. It can be the most exciting and unique experience of your life if you choose to see the bright side. 

Benefits of Long Distance Relationship

You both grow individually- the goal in a relationship is to stay close and maintain your own identity. Stay compatible by being the true self, maintain your interests, keep up the friendships that you had before, support your partner, and give some space to each other. It is not necessary to stay connected to 24*7 to prove the worth of love.

Strengthens your emotional bond- without an emotional connection, the relationship tends to fall apart. Often, people confuse the emotional bond with the physical bond. We think that getting physical is a glue that holds the relationship which is not correct! To make your bond strong, ask deep questions to your partner, notice the pattern of their day to day things, on what they’re saying and doing, listen to them, talk about your vision for the life and the life you want together. If your partner has a breakdown in the middle of the night or they’re not feeling okay. Try to be there with them, support them, it will not just strengthen your relationship as well as builds the trust. 

Appreciate the moments you spent together- In the traditional relationship people tend to take each other for granted, which is very often. But if I talk about long-distance couples, they value their relationship and the time they spent together, they get to meet their partners after months or years and every moment they spent together is a sign that they’ll see each other soon. Hearing their voice on call makes their day, as they don’t get to talk to their partner every day because of the busy schedule but one random call from that special person brings the beautiful smile on their face. 

You learn to resolve conflicts- The long-distance relationship also teaches you to resolve the unreasonable fights without being physically present. This emotion led to feeling and trust helps you to maintain the understanding to resolve conflicts.

You Understand Patience as a Key to Life – Who doesn’t like to spend time and be with the loved ones all day and night. But here, the long-distance teaches you to have the patience to wait to see each other. It tests your perseverance in the relationship.

Long-distance relationships may sometimes feel like weeks, months and years of just rain when you’re united there’s sunshine and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.It binds us together and makes our true love everlasting.This time apart is when we grow, when we learn to deal with it so that we can enjoy the sunshine and rainbows together.

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