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Happily single: Journey from Mingle to Single

I was in love with my best friend who taught me how to be happy, how to find happiness in little things and how beautiful this life was really happy with him. We were anyway in a long-distance relationship from very starting but when I moved farther for my higher studies, the distance grew in between us and than life happened!

Insecurity, jealous and shortage of time lead to mental trauma and we broke up. Yes, I was shattered because I was letting go the person who was a gem to me. Many nights I cried to sleep, I thought of him in every little moment of him, I could not listen to ‘our song’ without crying and I’m sure he also went through the same trauma which I experienced. I decided to contact him but I found that he is In a happy relationship with some other girl and this broke me even more. Slowly I became a sad soul who doesn’t like to interact with anyone, doesn’t groove on her fav party hits and just liked to spend her time alone In her room.

One day I realized why! Why do I need someone in my life to make me happy? Isn’t it me who decide what makes me happy and what not? Many questions like that arrived in my mind and begin the journey to find myself, again.
Being single in a world where everyone around you is in a relationship is quite frustrating because most of the time feel out of the place and don’t have anyone to share your feelings.

I started finding my own happiness, I interacted with my family, went to college, spent time with friends and kept engaged myself. this took me almost 2 years and I do miss him in between but I was already on a mission of being happy alone and now I think I’m succeeding in it slowly. in my journey, I learned many important lessons to stay happy and stay focus:

1. Getting ‘ME’ Time.

finally, I got some time for myself to explore again.the hobbies and activities which were faded somewhere, started happening again. it gave me time to think and debate with ownself about lots of situation. for some it could become overthinking but genius is one who knows when to stop!

2. Let it hurt and Let it Go.

The important lesson I learnt is the art of letting can not move and be happy if you stay in past all the time. the memories may never disappear but you need to fade them and live in today for a better tomorrow. trust me! living in past and dating memories will always hurt you and make you feel empty.

3. Losing is really not a loss.

Sometimes you think that only that person is your they are toxic for you, you still chose to be with them because it makes you happy. but are you really happy? being in a toxic relationship, no freedom and no personal space? adapting a change in life pattern is hard but not impossible. once you let that person go from your life, you’ll feel happy, you’ll feel relaxed. and that’s when you’ll realise what was the problem.

4. Don’t Hate the Idea of Love.

after you get ditched or being cheated by a person, this feeling seems useless. the fear of getting betrayed again overlaps the belief in love. but my friend, do remember no storm lasts forever. the person was wrong not the feeling of love. maybe you weren’t meant to be in the end, maybe the universe has something else stored for you. never lose hope and never ignore the idea of being in love.

5. Movies are Therapy.

a person like me has raised her hopes by reading novels and watching romantic movies and I’m sure most of us are. Bollywood has given us high hope of romance. if you feel lonely, watch your favourite movie or series with a tub of ice cream. I recommend ‘Dear Zindagi’ (no promotion included guys). spend your time with your loved ones, people who value you and your presence.

6. When it Rains, Look for Rainbows.

life is all about meeting and separation from meet various people and some of them are meant to be forever in your life where some of them are just a small story to tell. it’s you who decides what and how your life should be. your happiness depends upon yourself. you can’t be happy with someone if you’re not happy with yourself same as you can’t love someone until you love yourself.
words are easier than practising so just keep yourself happy and remember it’s never too late to start over neither it’s easy to start happy life again so always make yourself a priority and say “MERE LIYE MAIN KAAFI HUN“. ❤

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