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Overcome Boredom Life: Use Your Time Productively

boredom life

We all are aware of today’s situation—Corona is not at all taking a pause as cases are multiplying day by day, and the worst part is that we cannot go out like we used to go before. Staying at home can be quite a comfortable thing but when u don’t have either an option and you spend a lot of time wandering about things which you wish to enjoy, the boredom of life hits you hard.

Why Overcoming Boredom Life Can Be Difficult? 

Overcoming boredom can be difficult sometimes, but there are many ways you can make a dull or free time into a more entertaining one. Take advantage of this free time by being more and more productive. But what we generally do is waste our time by just lying in bed and just using our phone, watching TV for long hours and doing nothing, and after some time we get bored very easily. Before the lockdown when everything was fine, we were generally busy doing daily work and did not even have time to do things which we were interested in. But now if we have time, we all waste it very nicely.

We can say in the simplest sense:

Wasting time =  not working = spending time on activities that do not provide positive value and hence mess up with our daily schedule.

Generally, how do we waste our time?

  • Doing useless activities when something important has to be done, instead of giving priority, we procrastinate. 
  • Actions that are not productive and bring no direct value to us instead take a lot of our time that we could have been used learning something.
  • Activities where nothing is learned or no mental or physical benefit is received.
  • Spending all day long in Netflix and chill and neglecting the values to be with friends and family.

In terms of referring to a simple equation, Productive life equals happy life. But we insist on wasting time more, which makes it hard to live a productive life and doesn’t help in growth. Wasting our very precious time is not good for us, but this doesn’t realize today, and later we regret it. On the other hand, if we are more productive than average people, we’ll progress much faster in our career. We learn more. We do more things and try experimenting with skills. And hence, help us to grow more.  

How can we use our time productively to kill the boredom of life?

Using your time for something good doesn’t give you an immediate return, but there may be benefits in the future as good use of time is really a gift for a better tomorrow

Here we are talking about those things that take up your time but also have some positive value to us. We can do some of the following things in our free time and use our time productively.

  • Reading- This is a great way to use your time. Sometimes what happens is that we have books and don’t get time to read them. We can read novels, books, magazines etc. and many more things in which we are interested. An author’s words can help you take a mental vacation and also help us to know many more new things. It also makes us more knowledgeable.
  • Daily workout/ Yoga- Because of our busy lifestyle, we are facing lots of health issues such as we are becoming fat by just sitting at home, experiencing backaches sometimes etc. We can do a home workout and yoga daily and keep ourselves fit. It helps with keeping your body active, helps in increasing our concentration level and will help keep your mind active. 
  •  Learn a new skill – This is a great time in which you can learn various types of skills and devote yourself to a new hobby,  which will keep you busy. If you are artistic, try to make nice paintings and get your hands dirty in the colours. You might also take help from online tutorials to enhance the skills. Other skills which you may try are music, cooking, learning a new language etc.
  • Journaling or Writing- you can write something like some people enjoy writing articles, creative passages, poems etc. You don’t even have to be a great writer to do this. A little creative writing can be personally challenging but helps us to know a lot of things. Writing will help in deviating your mind from negative thoughts as it frees up the mental clutter.

So, above are some of the examples of how you can use your precious time effectively and kill the jitters of boredom life. Try to know where your time goes, Identify the critical tasks from the trivial tasks in your life. And cut the trivial tasks which waste your time. If we keep wasting our time and keep doing useless activities, after some time they become habits. If we don’t become aware of pointless behaviour, it’s difficult to break those habits and will ultimately affect our growth. So keep doing something in which you experience any type of growth, be it personal or professional.

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