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Humanity first:Learning about the universal motto

humanity first

God didn’t divide, then why do we? Have you ever read a holy book which teaches you to hate and be racist?Eradicating the inner evils and learning humanity first motto should be our virtue. No one, I repeat no one in this world is born hating another person because of his colour, looks, work or his background, we are the ones who adapt such behaviour in our lives and guess what? If we can hate for absolutely no reason, think of how easy is it to love.Being humans,practising humanity first motto should be our virtue.

We humans are so fulfilled these days, from having phones to cars and doing anything with just some clicks. Well, isn’t it what we all dreamed of? I mean, what is it to complaint about now when everything is out there including the opportunities, money and fame. But, are we talking about the same generation whose one common answer is to ‘be happy’ when asked about purpose of their life? Yes, we surely are weird.

We’re all same yet so different. Same, when there are border tensions or when soldiers give their lives for us and different when we live in the same country fighting against one another. We can’t influence everyone to change their mindsets, can we? But, one thing that we can definitely change is ourselves, and we can also spread the word.

You’ll be barely talked about which religion you follow when you die, but you’ll always be remembered for your kindness and the work you do to make an honest impact. There is no way we’re telling you to give up on your religion beliefs or change into one. But, if that religion is making you cheat on people, do bad to people or destroy one another, ask yourself, does that even make you a human?

Help one person today, maybe feed one. Look at how their smile forms when they get to eat that one full meal they didn’t get since forever. Be kind to the workers, might just make their day. Stand with the right always. Make ‘kindness’ your religion, it was always their in your god, it was just missing in ‘you’.

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