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Relationships: How Far Do We Go For Love of Life?

how far will you go for love

Security Of Love

The idea of falling head over heels for somebody is nothing but your inner self screaming, craving, and sneaking to find it even in the most ordinary scenarios. You collide with somebody who just listens to your unfiltered conversations and you feel comfortable sharing your unedited pictures with them as a sign of love. Even the tiniest bit of concern that they gravitate towards you, you feel like you’re at home and as if nothing else matters.

You believe that there is somebody out there, looking out for you and is willingly choosing you among the gazillion other options waiting for them. This gives you the type of validation that makes you feel not so trivial in a rather humongous world and a feeling of security that slowly wraps around you. When you feel like you are in a comfort zone with your love and you don’t wanna escape, you are trying to test all the fathomable limits in order to keep it  secured.


How Far Would You Try to Go For Someone You Love

More often than not, this results in suffocating each other’s personal space, lives, thoughts, passions, and ambitions. So, when we say that how far can people go for love the answer is subjective because the more you’re afraid of letting go, the more boundaries you’re ready to push in order to let everything stay intact.

Do you remember your favorite toy that you cuddled and slept with when you were small? Now try recalling how difficult it was for you to part with it, knowing that you will not be able to hold it close to yourself again and will the person you love in your life is the human embodiment of that toy, with if not less than at least the same intensity of attachment.

The question remains that even though you know that your relationship is toxic or wrong or disastrous or just short-lived, why would you go to the far ends of the world to make it stay even if it’s for a millisecond? As simple as it gets, the only plausible explanation is that you can’t really explain it because that small area occupied by love in your life full of infinite. This fraction is what makes your life covered in rose tint, other parts bearable, and every new day filled with rays of hope. That seemingly small aspect of your life once gone, leaves a hollow which nothing can ever cover. It is tough to imagine a life without this feeling and the world seems like a blur before its existence.

The question now is, why would you want to give up on the only thing that you see clearly?

How Long Does Limerence Last and what does it have to do with love? Limerence is just one person having offensive feelings toward another or are both in an affair with each other. limerence takes some time to develop that’s why if it is a long term emotional affair or relationship, it usually involves limerence. It has blinded them to the thinking that their soulmate can be the person that is unknown to them.

The two of them should respect each other and understand even in the toughest situation. When a couple relates to trust, relationship compatibility exists. People are usually related to equality and respect. They are simply unhappy when they’re with someone, who is not compatible. These aspects also give some aspects of the longevity of a relationship and love of life.

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