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Self Sustainability: Know how to be Self Sufficient

 If you are hearing Self-sustainability for the first time, it’s no problem. It is possible that you know or you have already seen it around you but the term is unknown to you.

Do you binge-watch Tiny home living? I do and I find it so fascinating. Do you like to live your life on your own terms or Do you love nature and try not to harm it? Do you feel that the rat race is just not worth it and you want to live life peacefully? Well, then sustainable living is something you should think of. Creating more sustainability in your life brings more independence, freedom from stress, and debt.

The lifestyle focusses on fulfilling your needs yourself and by eco-friendly methods. To start with it, people usually get out of their rented places and build a tiny home that has enough space for them to live. The reasons to do so are so many. Firstly, you save a ton of money. Secondly, you get closer to nature and your loved ones and lastly, they are usually mobile so you can literally take your home anywhere and everywhere.

  • GROW AND COOK YOUR FOOD: With the lockdown prevailing almost everywhere around the world, I am sure we all have learned some bits of growing food. You don’t need a large piece of land to do so, you can grow it in windows or your garden. Remember to learn the art of preserving food.
  • ZERO WASTAGE RULE: Everything that you think is waste is not waste. Try and reuse things in different ways. Manage and be creative with your leftovers. Harvest rainwater and use it.
  • RAISE LIVESTOCK: This one is an effective way to provide food for yourself and your family. From dairy to eggs you will get what you want. You can also sell it to others and earn a few bucks.
  • WORK FROM HOME REMOTELY: For other needs, you can work from home remotely. Many companies are offering remote work by which you can earn a good amount. You can also start freelancing.
  • REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Use resources wisely and invest in Energy saving types of equipment like installing solar energy. Try to do your work during peak light hours.
  • LEARN THE BASICS: Try to learn to repair things around your home, to sew or knit, and to do anything you want.

To be self-sufficient it is very important to know the difference between your needs and wants. Also, it is very difficult to do everything on your own so there are many community areas build up with common gardens to grow food. Barter system comes out to be fruitful in this situation. If you are looking to follow it, I would recommend talking to a bunch of people who are already self-sustainable to get a better insight.

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