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The New Normal: Unusual Experiences & New Learnings

The continuous emerging of cases of people who are currently affected by the coronavirus is undoubtedly going further than we expected. Countries around the globe are doing their best to fight against the enemy that cannot be seen. Mass testing, contract tracing, lockdown and quarantine are just part of the ladders that the countries’ leaders are taking to protect their people. However, while we people are busy following the guidelines and the leaders busy doing their job, the world is gradually changing while we are staying at our homes. After this pandemic, everything we used to do will be new for everyone.

Social distancing will be required, use of face masks will be needed, public transportation should lessen the passengers to avoid direct contacts, which will definitely give way for biking as the new trend. Moreover, after this pandemic, new systems will be implemented as a form for preparation for anything like this. This pandemic does not merely tell us about the things we used to see, but also the most essential thing that is invisible to the naked eye – love. People after our war against the virus will learn that it is always important to care for everyone and everything while they’re still here.

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