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The Purpose & Importance of Gratitude in Life

”Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”-Melody Beattie

Ever thought why gratitude is important for us in our lives?

Gratitude is an emotion, an exercise to our brain to keep us young and happy. It helps us to face challenges in all kinds of situations and circumstances. Gratitude is a positively valenced emotion; it helps even if you don’t share it.

We all look for happiness around us, Ever thought how it will come to us? Only when we start appreciating small things that happen around us, when we are surrounded by happy beings we learn to appreciate all the little gestures and be thankful to them.

Every emotion holds a Purpose and so does Gratitude.

The idea that tomorrow is not guaranteed is a strong motivator for some people to be their “best self” today.

The Gratitude & its Purpose

  1. With the help of gratitude, people can form new relationships and work on strengthening the older ones.
  2. It not only helps speak your heart out but also gives you the confidence to apologize and solve the problem.
  3. Being grateful to oneself and others is a great way to motivate ourselves and others.
  4. Gratitude is a powerful tool for strengthening interpersonal relations even.

Brian Tracy an American-Canadian public speaker says, there are 4 A’s of expressing gratitude

  1. Appreciation
  2. Approval
  3. Admiration
  4. Attention

These four A’s help a person to express their gratitude in a much simpler and embodied manner.

When you appreciate every single thing, you are thankful to God and other people for what they have given to you, it is also about seeing things with a positive angle and an optimistic perspective that will encourage you to do much better in our lives. When you learn to praise whatever you have accomplished and given approval to, you should look forward to appreciating it. By this, you are letting other people’s self-esteem go high and make them feel more valuable.

When you compliment people on their accomplishments, their traits and good habits you help them raise their self-esteem which makes them feel happier. So next time, you should not forget to compliment and praise people for their actions and work.

And then comes attention, good listeners are the one who can really make a difference in their lives. Pay attention to what is being said patiently with concentration. In this way, you unwillingly increase your happiness and also develop a mindset of seeing this through a different angle. This perspective might be new for you and could give you a different approach to understanding. Remember with the quality of expressing gratitude one can always feel positive changes to deal with tough circumstances in a calm manner.

We tend to become what we think and with, “an attitude of gratitude” helps you to become more sensitive to your surroundings and a happy person with a better personality.

Remember William Arthur Ward said,” feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”.and who doesn’t like presents so express and give, it will make you and your surrounding a happier place to live in.

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