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Trending Branding & Fun: How Creativity Takes over the Covid Awareness

From Delhi Metro using Bollywood songs, Police using coronavirus shaped helmets to a car designer designing a quirky and offbeat ‘virus car’.  During the pandemic people from all over the world have been finding contemporary and newfangled ideas to spread a word about this virus. Here are some trending branding concepts that have been used widely to lift the spirit up amidst the awareness for the pandemic. We found a few captivating concepts that will amaze you.


The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), on its part, has begun an eccentric web-based social networking effort, tweaking verses of Bollywood melodies to make mindfulness about the coronavirus infection and social removing.

Made by DMRC’s inner group, the promotions use humour and well known Bollywood tune verses to feature new travel manners of keeping up social separation, covering one’s face, and playing it safe once metro administrations continue.

One of the creatives changes the mainstream tune from the film Bobby, making it into ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, baithenge iss Tarah‘ with a picture of a couple leaving the seat in the middle to follow social distancing.


To ensure nobody steps out of their homes during the lockdown, Indian police leave no stone unturned. Indian cops wearing coronavirus helmets have been halting vehicles and people on foot to ask them to remain at home during the lockdown time frame.
Two cops, one wearing a red protective cap specked with long red spikes with adjusted finishes, and another, wearing a comparative green head protector, moved at the person on foot crossing.


Getting over the significance of remaining at home to forestall the spread of coronavirus has moved one Indian designer to make another type of vehicle. The circular vehicle resembles the COVID-19 infection. Innovator Sudhakar Yadav plans to drive it around the Indian city of Hyderabad, notice individuals about the threats of not watching social removing.

This coronavirus-formed vehicle is the most recent expansion to Sudhakar Yadav’s assortment of self-structured, wacky vehicles at his exhibition hall in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

Running on a 100cc bike motor, this terrifying-looking vehicle has space for one and is intended to spread mindfulness about the exceptionally irresistible infection that has influenced in excess of a million people around the world.


Indians cannot be kept away from sweets for a long time. This sweet shop in West Bengal is selling coronavirus shaped cakes to spread awareness about the same. After numerous nations began making the ‘infection cake’, a sweet retailer in Kolkata has innovated the ‘corona desserts’. These are made to look like coronavirus to elevate the soul in these extreme occasions. As indicated by the retailer, the reason for these desserts was to advise individuals to battle and condensation the infection

It is a tough time for all of us but ” WE CAN BEAT IT TOGETHER”




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