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Reading Habits:10 Tips To Improve Your Reading

Ever thought of reading a book but couldn’t start it? Or left halfway? It happened to me, and I am sure that this happens with most of us. But things changed for me in just a matter of time, now I can’t imagine myself not reading for a single day. Even sometimes I need to stop myself from reading and take a break. That’s how addictive reading is, but it’s a really healthy addiction.

Reading can’t be forced on you by someone, it starts from you, builds within you. For me, it started when I was in my 11th grade, and my best friend started her journey of reading after her graduation. So you see, there is no perfect time to start reading, but yes there is a preferred way to proceed with it. It depends on you, but let me tell you my way and what really worked for me!

Tips to Improve Your Reading Habits

1) Start with Short Stories

It won’t even interest you if you directly jump into big and bulky novels. Start by reading short stories first, there are plenty of short story’s collection books available which you can prefer to read in free time every day. I started with The Himalayan tales by our very own Indian writer Ruskin Bond. Each short story is different and you don’t lose interest easily. You can next read Novella, they are short novels and generally end in 100-150 pages maximum. And finally, after this, you can try your hands on novels. This helps in building up your initial habit to spend time reading pages.

2) Don’t Make Sky-Scraping Goals

You are new to reading and making towering goals can really become a tough thing in your case. Starting slow is the key here. It is recommended to start with 20 pages a day or even less. Do what suits you the best and you can just try to be around your interest areas to gain some interest.

3) Change Your Way of Thinking

Don’t take reading as something you have to do daily, basically don’t force yourself

on reading. Reading could be a good thing and can become a daily thing like eating or sleeping if you really get interested in the same.

4) Read When You Travel

We spend our major time doing nothing or scrolling through Instagram while we are travelling to work, college or anywhere. This time can be utilized well. You can carry a book or even read on your phone if you don’t want the extra load in your bag, but make sure you have something to read. 

5) Read the Book You Actually Enjoy.

It may not be your thing but I love reading rom- coms, science fiction books is something I can’t read. It’s your personal choice, and we don’t judge you! Read whatever you love, what makes you happy or makes you read even more.

6) Read Before Going To Bed

It’s the best time to read, as reading at the end of the day takes away all the stress that you have from the long tiring day and calms you from within. This not help you sleep better but this is the time when you can concentrate the best. Just read for 20-30 minutes before dozing off. This could be the best thing for you to cut off screen time before bed.

7) Read Multiple Books

You can read a biography while travelling, a mystery story in your room and another while you take a walk in the evening at your verandah or roof. This strategy may not work for everyone but may take time in getting along with this one. I do it when I can’t choose one book at a time, I just read 2 or maybe 3 together!

8) Start with Sprint Reading

Not able to concentrate today? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. On days like these, set up a timer for like 15 minutes, and read for straight 15 minutes a time. It helps your brain to stay awake and it’s short enough so that you won’t get exhausted.

9) Keep a Book on Stand By Before Completing One

This helps you to never have a reading gap, buy a book beforehand. It makes you start your next book right after you finish one. Why waste time, you got one life and so many books to read!

10) Share What You Read

To share what you read is an important part of the whole reading process. Reading and sharing is sometimes the key when you start networking. Don’t share your reading goals, but do share what you have already read. May you get some really nice reading suggestions too. As you read, you get a lot of knowledge which can be shared further.

The journey of reading is amazing, it makes you feel good and gives you different perspectives of life. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a book and start reading!

Comment and tell what tricks worked for you well.

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