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Top 10 Web series to watch when you are bored.

‘A good web series can create a great impact on you and your personality. Web series is a series of videos that is script-based and in the form of videos. Usually, it is posted online. The concept of web series first emerged in the late 1990s but became more prominent in the early 2000s.’

Here are the top 10 web series that you can get a hold on during this time so your friends don’t tease you the next time you meet them.


This is one of those shows that you can watch 100’s of times and still enjoy every time you see it. From Rachel’s dressing sense, Monica’s I know, Chandler’s jokes, Phoebe’s Smelly cat, Ross’s divorces to Joey’s ‘How you doing?’ you will love all the character and won’t be able to pick up one as your favorite.


This show is a great piece of writing which will keep you hooked with all its 8 seasons and it’s totally worth the hype.


As an entrepreneur, you might not have time to watch series but you are always looking for ways to keep the creativity flowing. It is a marketing series that offers lessons about communication, leadership, and human nature.


The story, acting, and the suspense is something that made this series so popular around the world. If you are looking for a new suspense series, this is the one to watch. Every episode is full of suspense and with great plot twists. P.S You will also learn a few Spanish words.


I expected this one to be a documentary or reality show. But it turned out, it is a comedy show that has an amazing script with great learnings for the teenagers.


The second season of Mirzapur is all set to launch. So hurry up and finish the 1st season before the second season gets launched. It is gritty and a gripping watch.


As soon as you start watching this you will fell in love with the cast, the dialogues, and their acting skills. This series will take you on a thrilling journey with crispy stories.


This show has more to offer than just entertainment. It is smart, stylish, and sophisticated. The intelligence of the characters will amaze you and give you ample opportunity to learn from them.


This will give you a clear picture of the startups in the valley. It also depicts the hardship and challenges the startups go through. It has a different concept, brief to the point, and is hilarious as well.


With a stellar cast, it is based on the monotonous and full of pressure student’s life. It is one of the best Indian series you will ever watch.

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