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Brand Valuation: How Quality & Advertising Go Together

In marketing, there is always a debate on whether a good advertisement makes a good product or a quality without a loud appearance create an impact on a consumer’s mind. Through this blog, we will try to understand the thin line between “a good advertisement” and  “quality of the product”.

One can always get attracted to fancy ads. The way of the product presentation and good advertising is required for catching the attention and inducing action that is must for a kickass product launch.

What is needed for an advertisement to be good and for brands to grow

  • Trust of Consumers by Selling Quality Product.
  • Right Product Placement.
  • Connectivity with Target Consumers through Ad.
  • A face one can always trust or brand value.

Advertisement Scenario in Today’s World

The marketing and advertising industry in India is currently generating a lot of hype. The Advertisements are a pathway through which the brand can cater themselves in the mind of their target audience. They play with emotions, target intent and requirements as the driving elements to attract them towards buying a certain product. They form a story that hits the costumer’s mind and make them think about the brand or a product. The creation of need and urgency also plays a critical role in the advertising sphere.

The Thin Line

Here are some of the crucial insights about how advertising and quality go altogether.

Consumer Goods: Quality Versus Presentation

For the long run and success, the quality is definitely needed. But the question here is, “Will there not be a slow success if one does more focus on quality than advertising”? So, the answer is. Yes, of course, there will be a slow success but it will be more long term and impactful in today’s world because the consumer is the king. The consumer can definitely attract towards the presentation, but it is always the quality and the service which matters in the consumer’s mind. So here the quality along with presentation always work and stays in the mind for a longer run.

Food Products: In the time where Health is Priority, Quality boosts the sales

In today’s lifestyle where everyone is busy earning a good living, no one would like to have or consume such items that are unhealthy for them. These days before buying anything a customer makes herself/himself sure that the products used by them are beneficial to their family and themselves. For customers nowadays, Quality is the ultimate consideration. This is quite a crucial factor in terms of food products. However the ads can be fancy, but the consumer knows that the products should ensure quality standards.

Inspirational Examples of Advertisements from the Real World


Saffola’s Cooking Oil Ad mainly focuses on the ingredients which will protect a person from heart diseases a make him lively every day, this shows that the brands themselves are quality conscious and make their ads in that particular way. The taglines given are also such to attract the customers to their product“dil jawaan toh Zindagi aalishaan”. This was a tagline which used to be there in the early days of the brand, till now the product is quite valued in the market.

Personal Choices matter more

People often prefer /Dove over lux due to their quality and softness. Sometimes people prefer Godrej over LG due to its good outcome and quality. Even those brands with the least advertisements get a good sale due to its quality like Khadi India, and many organic brands. So it’s more about the personal connection and exact requirements. The ads along with the better product placement can change the consumer behaviour towards the brand as well.

What a good Advertisement without good quality can do

  • A good advertisement can give a huge boost to the sale of the product. The vocal for mouth publicity is the consumer which decides the fate of the brand. 
  • WOULD THAT LAST LONG? It would be for one and the last time only, and after that, the sales of that product can easily go down just through negative mouth publicity if the product doesn’t match up to standards. 
  • For Ex- Maggie, a very old noodle brand got in problem once it was identified that it contains harmful components which are not suitable for health. The company ensured and rebranded itself through innovative ad strategies to gain trust in the market. This shows how quality and presentation goes hand on hand.

Is Quality preferred for all items? How Basic it is in Our Lives

The people always take the quality of the product first on their priority list. Here are some very basic things which we all do: 

  1. Cars and bikes: One goes to purchase the vehicle and look for better comfort, safety features and overall average consumption of fuel.
  2. Be it stationery items, people check if it’s working with a flow or not.
  3. Clothing items, the quality of the clothes need to be up to the mark with standards as compared to other brands.
  4. Even the plastic items such as bottles are checked if they are made from refined plastic and not the clumsy one.

Level Playing Field: How Brands Survive with Value

There are so many brands in the market but every consumer has a different choice. We can’t really say one is better or the other one is worst. As discussed, it fits as per the consumer’s value and trust in that particular product or brand. Indian FMCG market is quite competitive, while every other company has a USP featuring on its advertisement, there are various local brands which are also making the mark in the community. It shows that how Indian market gives the level playing field to quality which is above the hefty advertising costs. Here the products are sold more through mouth publicity and induce greater value if the quality is adequate.


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