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True friendship: How a True Friend sticks by you like a Family

true friendship

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to not have a true friend by your side? Scary, isn’t it? This eternal bond of true friendship plays a very important role in our life. Friends annoy you in front and say good things about you behind your back. The true friends are such, they live good and bad moments with us and also support in our journey of life.

Friendship is a bond dwelling on affection, loyalty, respect and trust. Friends make sure that no one could hurt you, they want to make you feel safe. Friendship is when someone knows what you need in your life and what’s best for you. They know your thoughts and won’t judge you for that. True friendship happens when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests at the time of crisis.

Having good friends is the most amazing treasure that you could have in your life and nothing in this world can replace it. We want our friends to be like, who love us and support us when we need them and take care of your happiness. Let’s dig into some facts on what’s make a good friend, and how you can be there for your friends when they need you the most.

Why good friends are so important?

Research has shown that if you’re surrounded by good friends and good quality of relationships, the more you likely to be a happy person. But, what exactly makes a good and true friend? Friends will come and go in your life but a true friend will always stick by your side no matter how worst the situation is.

What does the true friend really mean:

  1. Won’t leave you when you push everyone away 
  2. Doesn’t judge you.
  3. They don’t hurt your feelings by intention.
  4. They don’t stab you in the back.
  5. Loyal, trustworthy and will be willing to tell you the truth no matter how harsh it is.
  6. Sticks to you in thick and thin.
  7. Listen to you, when you even don’t make sense.
  8. Comforts you, makes you smile.

You have sort of friends where you work, where you studied in college and schoolmates. And we have a special place in our heart for our childhood friends. We need every type of friendship in our life. We need those friends who lifts you up, we need those friends who stab you in the back so that we got to know who’s real with you. We need temporary friends so that we can cherish short span memories. Friends from your workplace will help you a lot make you engage in the atmosphere of the place, and help you in the stressed times.It is important to always treat people like you want to be treated, in friendships and relationships it always works great.

Understanding Friendship: Listen to them

Try to understand the situation from your friend’s point of view. Don’t answer anything if you can’t understand what they’re trying to say but just listen to them so that they could calm down the overwhelming thoughts and have a sigh of relief and it builds trust between you two. Sometimes there could be some wrong things that might happen, and it is possible that some heartbreaks might happen due to misunderstanding. Understanding friendships can be a good thing if you try to invest your time listening to them.

Support them mentally

If your friend is diagnosed with any medical issues, learn about their medical condition, search about what they’ve been diagnosed with. Show them interest that you care about them, you will stick by their side no matter how hard the situation gets. A true friend is someone who never left you behind when you’re at your worst.

Give them a hug

Give them a hug, a hug can do a lot. They will feel better, it will calm down their thoughts. Hugging your friends builds trust and it is comforting especially when your friends feel alone and pushing everyone away.Referring to the psychological aspects, it is really a good way to feel close to someone.

Keep in touch 

Even if you don’t live in the same place, connect with them through social media platforms, we live in a era where internet solves most of our problems, call them, text them and video call to your friends is actually impressive. Show your friends you’re there for them. Don’t neglect the communication as it is very important to ensure a good relationship.

Tell them how you feel

You don’t have to make a big deal just be honest about what you feel for them. Show them empathy, honesty and affection. That’s all you need to make your bond of true friendship enduring. Make them important just as you are to them. 

One of the quotes from the bible says:

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

The Message: The sacrifice of Jesus represents the ultimate act of true friendship.

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