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International Yoga Day: Yoga as a Science of Life in 21st Century

We often think yoga is an exercise that helps us to keep our body fit but to look into, it is way beyond just this. Yog Kriya is a routine that helps you to connect with your mind and body. As per the Sadhguru, “Yoga can be seen as a complete path itself”. It defines a sense of completeness in itself and helps you to move towards the reality of life. Which eventually takes you towards the endeavours for your success.

Origination Of Yoga

The word Yoga was taken from Rigveda(Vedic Sanskrit collections) derived from a Sanskrit word “YUJ” which means to unite. It is said that Yoga leads to great harmony between the human mind and body. It creates a balance between man and nature.

Yoga was practised way early during Indus Valley Civilization in Northern India over 5000 years ago. Yoga in Vedas means Yoke. In the 5th century, Yoga began as a medium of meditation as it gained popularity.

In 1947 India and Yoga both attained its Independence and Importance.

Yoga: The Science Of Life

Yoga helps to answer questions regarding the purpose of one’s existence. It is a very precise way of thinking. The whole system of Yoga deals with attaining realization to our nature, mind, life, and existence and therefore, it is known as the science of life.

Yoga means that we are in a process of evolution. It helps us attain complete awareness to help us towards self-consciousness. It is the cessation of mental activities as the entire Yogic Psychology is based on the realization that we need to change our life. It is considered as pure science due to the systematic and scientific elements.

There always is a struggle between strengths, weaknesses, ambition, and needs. It helps us in this situation to “become aware”- this is where Yogic Psychology comes in and helps us confront and accept our faults to work on them. The Yogis have maintained a state of complete fulfilment but to reach that level of existence there has to be continuity in the evolution and experience of consciousness. This practice of Yog helps us to do that.

Yoga is not just a group of postures that we perform to keep our body fit. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and also cure mental distress. It reforms the destructive mentality which glares externally due to the acrimony of emotions.

Significance of Yoga Today

Yoga has something unique to offer, it helps oneself to get evolved. The beautiful aspect of this practice is, it helps us to balance our emotional structure and harmonize it. It helps us to observe ourselves, every action of ours that depicts our nature and with the help of Yog, we tend to improve it.

With each Yog asanas we perform, it helps uplift our soul and mind and helps us to relax. Yoga helps in keeping us patient by evolving our mind and helps in relaxing brain cells. It can also keep ourselves calm in chaotic routines and a lot of mental stress.

Understanding our actions and reaction, with the help of breathing it helps our mind to react to every action that is performed. It helps you to welcome all the flavours of life and feel them. It helps us feel every emotion of our life-giving us time to pause and learn about every situation and face the process in a calm way.

Being Optimistic helps us in increased positively and inspires us to look at life in a simple and relaxed manner to find out the best solutions.

Yoga Takes over Western Culture

Many Yoga practitioners from the U.S, China, Mexico, and many other countries state that Yoga helps them to get away from stress and find utmost relief. It also helps in finding happiness and now it is being adopted as a way of life. It is an  Indian trend that takes over all around the globe making our culture proud and spreading positivity.

21st June as Yoga day

Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 21st June 2014 announced this date to be celebrated as International Yoga day at the United Nations General Assembly.

Scientifically,21st June is the day of the summer solstice, when the tilt of the planet’s axis in the northern hemisphere is most inclined towards the star-In our case the Sun and Earth.thus, considering it the longest day of the whole year.

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm to convince people to take good care of their health with the help of yoga. This day is celebrated with a particular theme that helps attract people and join in the campaign.

Yoga Day Theme 2020

Due to social distancing and rising coronavirus cases all over the country, the health ministry has given “Yoga at Home” as a theme for International Yoga day. The theme has been chosen, keeping in mind the current scenario and encouraging people to do yoga at home.

So, stay Home, Yog with your family, and stay fit as it is said,” YOG KARO, NIROG RAHO”.

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