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Adventurous places to visit after COVID-19

I think that in life we always have multiple fears that sometimes stops us from trying out adventurous stuff. It totally depends on what kind of a person you are but have you ever really thought of how life would be if you had no fears at all? I mean just think about it, we would have been doing anything and everything if we hadn’t had that one fear, it could be heights, water, ghosts, fear of commitment, fear of opening up to people, fear of being judged and honestly the list is endless.

So, what is the real solution? Is it to agree with people so that they don’t judge you or is it isolating yourself so that you don’t have to face anyone? I’m pretty sure most of us have watched the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, but did we really learn something out of that movie or we just watched it and made plans in our head? Let me guess, we chose to make plans with the best of our friends and had a feeling of ‘lifetime achievement’ for a day or two. But, why for a day or two? Where is that feeling now? Where is that enthusiasm of living our lives to the fullest has disappeared? Did we really try new things and faced what we are fearful of?

Do you guys know that it is a scientifically proven fact that travelling calms your mind, it is a change that goes on deep and permanent, it is actually like living and experiencing a new life. It’s really about trying different things every day and it doesn’t hurt going for an adventure especially when it has so many advantages. So, here’s a list of some adventurous places that you need to visit!

Ambuluwawa Mountain Hill, Sri Lanka  

If you love hiking then this tower is perfect for you! It has a breathtaking view with an amazing weather. Sounds like a cherry on the top?

Trolltunga, Norway’s legendary Cliff 


Looking at this picture, I can’t take my eyes off. What an incredible view! The hike to Trolltunga starts at fairytale Ringedaslvatnet lake and it sounds magical.

Bhangar Fort, Jaipur

Known as India’s most haunted, but definitely an adventure! It’s safe to go there in the daylight but gets haunted as soon as sun starts to set, sounds like an experience to have, doesn’t it?

Haiku Stairs

Looks dreamy, doesn’t it? It is Also known as ‘the staircase to heaven’ and we can’t agree more. It has a total of 3,922 steps, definitely worth giving a shot!

Trift bridge, Switzerland

Ever seen a movie where there’s this dangerous bridge that needs to be crossed no matter what? Well, to surprise you there’s quite a few you would love to cross! One of them is the Trift bridge with an incredible view.

Ghasa, Nepal

Looks like a precautious little rope bridge, right? But believe me or not, this one has been there for years and people seem to enjoy it a lot !

Hope this blog opens up your mind and you get out of your comfort zone because only those who risk going too far possibly find out how far they can go.






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