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Art of Understanding: How Much Opinion Matters

Opinions can sometimes vary as per the person and circumstances. It could be your own views or maybe others might force their opinions on you. It is not something that should come strongly to you. You always have the choice to either reject or accept it. Is it as easy as swiping another filter from your Instagram picture that changes the perception of the original vision?

As a human with a whole lot of emotional sprinkle in our attitude, we tend to depend on others for our happiness. This dependency leads to a closeness and one slowly gets opinionated and here we allow someone to question what we feel and believe.

Taking things personally often keeps you tied up with someone else’s beliefs and way of thinking which forces you to do things unconsciously even if it’s not in your benefit.

Slowly this habit leads to the mindset,” what other people think is now what you think about yourself”.We stop thinking about what and how we feel about ourselves but rather focus on other beliefs.

These notions are quite popular, I’ll do it because she will like it.I’ll not talk about my point of view coz then someone would feel wrong.I’ll not post a particular picture coz somebody will judge me on that. These are very small things due to which we are not able to express the way we feel. Mostly, the opinions we value, come from those people who are not even a part of our daily life. For such people, its the best said,” Your opinion is not my Life

We can always agree and respect one’s opinion even if we disagree and try to move out of that situation swiftly. If we want to consider other’s convictions all we need to do is analyze our relationship with that person.

  • Focus on what this relationship means to you– Before agreeing to somebody’s school of thoughts you need to figure out, what percentage you have invested in that bond of relationship. Is all the hardship and trouble making you happy because they are happy? Is the challenge given by them worth the effort? If yes, then go for it. Try to listen to them but in other ways try to make them understand your ways as well if you disagree. It should come as natural as your scope of friendship or relationship is.
  • Understand their point of view by putting yourself in their shoes-Do they talk in the same way to everyone? Is this their usual way of looking and assuming anything? Maybe they have issues in particular. If yes, find out if that viewpoint is healthy for you or not and then decide whether you want to talk more or just skip the conversation.
  • Don’t jump to conclusion-Totally agreeing or disagreeing can have consequences. Wait, give it a thought. What made them give this opinion and try to understand the aspects of open mindedly. Maybe it’s not about you at all, but about them and their own projected perceptions. It’s almost always about them, their issues, their needs, and their desire to control you and/or a situation. The opinions do reflect your past experiences and understanding of life, if someone is too negative he/she will reflect those traits.
  • Create a space between yourself and your reactions-It’s a good idea to create a healthy personal space around yourself It is always good to take time, think, and then do what is best for you.

The relationships will, of course, play a prominent role in your life. But the more you know about yourself, the less you will need others to tell you about yourself.

Keep this thought in mind,

  • While you may not be able to stop the negative opinions of others about you. What you can do is, you can develop great self-esteem, confidence, and faith in your ability. You have to always be focused. Focus on encouraging promises for your life. You can always focus on positive aspects to learn from negative opinions. It will surely help you to grow and learn.
  • Opinions are nothing but the reflection of issues that cannot be dealt with and thus takes the form of conviction for other people.
  • We don’t need to look outside to vindicate what we feel about our doings and way of living. We just need to be honest with ourselves, we know we are doing fine for ourselves and our life.
  • There are hundreds of people with thousands of opinions. We need to clear our way and do what is right for us and thus keeping ourselves happy. It is no crime to live with compassion for yourself, the ones that love and truly care for us will surely support us in this.

Let your inner voice speak louder than other opinions.

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