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Art Therapy: Adapting Art for Better Mental Health

art therapy

This lockdown was very difficult for everyone with self-isolation and especially those people who do suffer from any kind of mental health problems. People have been diverting into problems such as anxiety and depression due to various reasons. Everyone needs to be indulged in activities that can keep them busy and help them to overcome mental health problems. Anyone who suffers from hectic schedules and or feels pressurized should try such activities and Art therapy is one of them, it can surprisingly healthy mind and soul to make you feel quite good and relaxed.

Relation of Art and Mental Health

Art is not just something that keeps you involved but art helps in expressing your feelings. Art means “showing your expressions.” Not expressing your feelings may lead to anxiety and depression. One of the main reasons who suffer from mental health problems is not sharing your feelings with others. All those who cannot share or express to others can always choose any form of art to express their feelings. It is a perfect way to convey your thoughts without words, process complicated feelings, and find relaxation. The unique advantages of artistic expression go far further than stimulation and pleasure.

What is Art Therapy?

As a complement to conventional mental health care, art therapy may be used to help in alleviating mental health issues or problems. Art therapy manages behaviors, process feelings, reduce stress or anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Art helps to discover those feelings which are lurking in the subconscious mind. This method can also give you a sense of self-accomplishment that can be very useful for improving your self-esteem and sense of self-belief.

Benefits of Art Therapy

The greatest benefit of art therapy can help you express and let go off all your feelings and fears. It is often not possible to express complex feelings such as depression or rage with words. When you are unable to express yourself but want emotional release, you can do it by making art or experimenting with strokes. Art is helping many people to express themselves, without having to use words, it just offers endless expressions. Fighting depression, anxiety or emotional trauma can be very stressful both psychologically and physically and the art is capable of alleviating tension, which in turn calms the mind and body.

The arts also help at the community level. As we get progress in life, through a loss of social ties, such as friends, family and workplace, as well as other constraints such as declining physical health, we may face loneliness. People in later life will restore their social links and expand established support in their communities by being active in arts programs. Getting in contact with others helps to relieve isolation and loneliness. It really helps you to deal with anxiety and stress.

Also, this is needless to say but trying art therapy does not mean you have to be an artist or excellent to create art. Anyone can try performing art whether or not they are good at it. It is all about what you express through it. As imaginative as you want, as creative, it is all possible while creating an art. It does not mean only drawing or sketching. Art can be in any form such as music, dance, or writing.  

The change in mental health may or may not be immediate. Sometimes the results are immediate and show an immediate impact on the health of people while for some this takes a long time. But this has long term benefits for the people.

The cultural aspect of Art Therapy

One such art is Mandala art which has been therapeutic and been used by Buddhism which aims to aid in meditation and or to set off trance states. Art has been a way of therapy for a long time even in Hindu culture. 

Medical studies on Art Therapy

Studies have also shown that the development of art triggers a dopamine release. When we achieve something pleasurable, this material is delivered, and it fundamentally makes us feel more cheerful. Expanded levels of this fantastic nerve cell vibe can be incredibly beneficial if you are battling pain or discouragement.

Creative Art therapy

It includes art, music, dance, drama, poetry, plays, etc. These play a major role in individual’s life to make it positive and happening.

Art therapy Activities

Some amazing art therapy activities that can calm your mind are-

  • Drawing your feelings and emotions
  • Paint nature scenery like mountains, beaches, gardens, etc. Nature has the immense power to calm down a stressful mind
  • Do finger painting- its creative and attractive
  • Click unique photographers of what you like it can be a flower, a bird, an animal, an insect, or anything.
  • Draw yourself as a carrier who is ready to face every challenge
  • Draw a superhero image of yourself
  • Draw all positive thing happen in your life
  • Draw a tree with leaves, fruits, and flowers.


It’s always beneficial to set aside time in the day for yourself. Consider organizing a few days a week when you can be consciously innovative. Make a drawing, try painting, or even a simple poem to compose. Play some relaxing music while you work or enjoy some quiet. The time you spend working on art will help distract you from stress and provide tension with an efficient outlet. Art therapy activities are amazing way to set your mind stress free and relaxed.

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