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Awareness for Life: A Journey from Autopilot to Awareness


Being on autopilot is like sleepwalking through life without bringing awareness in the ‘now’ moment. It’s about letting the subconscious mind make decisions for you while your conscious mind wanders off, this would be one form of awareness. Now, why is it a problem? Throughout our life, we pick up patterns unconsciously from situations, people, or surroundings in general. Even the smallest decisions that we make from things we like to things we dislike, the color of our clothes, the people we bring into our lives all come from subconscious patterns.

Every time you want to achieve something but ultimately give up on or the time when you realized that you were continuously failing at a task, these are the patterns that we repeat, this is what being on autopilot is like. Repeating situations again and again because that is the information that has been programmed in your system.   

Ever noticed that sometimes when you are on a long drive, you zone out, sometimes for a few secs to a couple of minutes only to realize that you have no recollection of the drive, and yet you are safe and sound and still on the road. Well, that’s the power of the subconscious mind, when your conscious mind was busy thinking about something, the subconscious mind took charge of the situation. Imagine not being aware of what we are feeding to our psyche and the havoc that it can cause. That is why it is important to bring awareness to our life. Our thoughts at the moment we are in letting your conscious mind be in charge of choosing what you’d want in your daily life. So, from where should we begin, right? This is the first step, understanding the need that change is necessary and then try to bring awareness in life. Let’s what is the meaning of awareness.

What is awareness?

Awareness is the state of being conscious of what we are feeling, perceiving, and being present in the moment. It brings the focus on the quality of life and how we aspire to live. What can you do about it?


There are several meditation techniques available on the internet today. But why do we do it? For acceptance, for unleashing the awareness power of the subconscious,  and for understanding ourselves better.

One of the meditation techniques that can be brought into practice is Vipassana meditation, known to be the oldest Buddhist meditation. As indicated by, it is a perception based, a self-exploratory journey that centers around profound interconnection between the psyche and body, which is acknowledged through taught thoughtfulness regarding the physical sensations.

Meditating on your goals and ambitions can also help our subconscious mind to internalize it and explore healthy awareness of the mind.


Writing a journal brings clarity in life as well as add the taste of awareness to get socialized.  You become more aware of your thoughts and emotion which further enhances your ability to perform better.

It will work well if you also write who you want to become next to what you are feeling and who you are, this will help you understand the gap and why you have not been able to achieve a certain goal.


 It’s about being comfortable with your thoughts and surroundings without judgment. This lets the mind to come back at the moment we are in even if it wanders off. Unlike meditation, mindfulness can be practiced in social situations will also promote awareness of the subconscious mind. You don’t need to sit in a specific position or follow a process but just breathe in and let go of all the worries you have by breathing out.

Mental Consciousness

 it is quite important to bring healthy awareness to keep the mind in the right direction, in order to get a fruitful result. It is necessary to ask questions from self, especially when you are struggling with changing a pattern. Start by asking Why, ‘Why am I feeling in a certain way?’, ‘Where is this coming from?’. it will drag your mind in an awareness pattern. It’ll help you understand where a certain habit is coming from and will ultimately help in breaking it.


In order to bring awareness, one of the most important techniques that can be used is yoga. It brings awareness to the physical structure; our bodies, the specific positions that one has to adopt, and feeling through the muscle contractions all while breathing in and out. Sure, in the beginning, it can feel ambiguous with not so visible results but in time you will be able to see visible signs. Pilates is one such practice, which is quite in the west. It focuses on relaxing the tensed muscles which ultimately brings the body at ease.

Bringing the focus back can do wonders because once you start breaking the patterns that are unhealthy awareness and accepting the parts of yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t, will help in creating a better life. Patterns aren’t always bad it’s the unconscious programming that creates obstacles in achieving our goals and ambitions. We can program our brain to perform better, set patterns for the subconscious that are healthy, that help us in becoming more of the US and for that my friend it is important to move from Autopilot to Awareness.

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