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Emotional Development In Adolescence & Teenagers

Emotional development in adolescence

Treating Teenagers Right Way: Why It Matters?

Teenage is a crucial period in an individual’s life where they either base their decisions to choose their future or opt for a self-destructive path leading to failures in life. therefore Proper emotional development in adolescence is necessary. utilization of this period is very important as it will help in deciding some of the crucial aspects of life and the future. In our society, we see how siblings and elders undermine young teenagers because of their inability or behavior towards life which is quite casual. But in order to help them find the right path, and for the sake of effective emotional development the elder siblings and family members can treat them rightly and consciously.

Teenage and factors of feeling.

A teenager is a time period of life between ages 13-19 where an individual goes through different hostile experiences of life. Be it love, new actuation, or weird habits, this age bracket teaches a lot and shapes us as emotional development in adolescence later on. As one undergoes various hormonal changes that result in physical development, emotional development as well as mental changes, Teenagers get moody and frustrated from time to time due to different aspects and behavior changes. Treating a teenager in the right manner means taking care of behavioral changes,  present needs, making them understand the difference between right and wrong, and most importantly, having effective communication with the teenager about their life and problems. The siblings and parents can play a good role in making it go right for them if something is wrong.

Be Their Good Friend.

If you look at life as a teenager, life within them is changing every day. As teenagers are growing rapidly, in all aspects whether it is physical development, emotional development, as well as mental changes around them, are not able to understand that growth. Usually, grandparents have more love and affection for these children.

In these times what a teenager need is a person who understands him. Only a good friend can do the same. So, being a  good friend first is the basic step towards treating a teenager in a better manner. An elderly, irrespective of his age should try to act like a younger one in order to empathize and handle problems in a better way. They have already been through this phase and they pretty well know what sorts of changes occur in a teenager so they should deal in that way.

 Make Them Responsible.

The parents can take little effort by giving responsibilities of day to day life to their children so that they understand basic aspects of life., it would help them to develop by mentally, as well as emotional development. By trusting them and showing your affection towards them, they certainly think about right or wrong in a better way. They will learn to act and adapt as per the values and treatment you will give to them. It is also important to listen to their ideologies, points, and perceptions for decision making as they might have a lot of ideas and new learnings.

 Empower Them, Include Them.

First of all, leave the idea that you have the right over the child’s life to make them do whatever you wish, sometimes it does interfere in a conflict of interest and makes teenagers sad about certain aspects. If you want them to pursue something you want don’t enforce anything too strong and make them understand the different sides of it.

The emotional development in adolescence is important and if you will be too harsh in action then it may reflect in their behavior too. You should try to make them feel empowered and show them your presence without hindering their actions and aspirations of life. Give them a scope to fail and learn new things every day.

Introspect with Teenagers 

It is quite important for you to understand the importance of emotional development and  try to sit with your sibling or child to understand their life in a better way. proper emotional development in adolescence is necessary. Helping them introspect and decide about their career, life and relationship will make them open and sincere towards you. They will not think much before sharing anything with you and this is the best which can happen in one’s life to share openly and understand actions in the right manner.

Try to deal with teenagers in a lower resistance

It is always a bad idea to treat teenagers with tough scolding as humiliating will only impact their self-consciousness and they might develop the feeling of hatred towards you or certain things. Always try to treat them with lower resistance possible while also compelling them to follow the discipline and learn to obey others if something is right as per them. This problem can be solved by effective mediation and talking generously without using anger or strict actions.

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