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Fear: Tackling The Past & Future


That crippling and still state of mind when you fear something comes in life at some point in time. This is the point where we just don’t wanna step forward. We fear getting hurt, falling down, stepping over, or sometimes we even fear change!

Fear works in the same way with everyone, there is no one who is fearless. The difference is some people know how to overcome this fear. Whenever you sense danger, the brain reacts, and the nervous system receives signals to get active. The physical responses like change in blood pressure, fast heartbeat and heavy breathing helps our body to get ready. To keep the body cool we even sometimes sweat, some people even feel a tingle or different sensation in our body. The sensation is different in every person, some can have mild sensations and some have very strong sensations.

This response is known as ‘fight or flight’ response in this your body prepares you to fight with the problem, or to run away from the problem. The mind gives you the opportunity of both, after that it is in your call, what you want to do or willing to do.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions in a human. They can affect your body and mind very much. We can control this by simply avoiding such situations in life or better to have a strong will against them.

Fear is important

Fear is very important in life, as without fear you won’t think before doing sometimes, or saying something that you should not. The key to having a happy self and anxiety-free mind is to have the balance. Being fearless doesn’t mean to have no fears at all, it means to have fears but with the consciousness of tackling it as per your ability.

It’s okay to have anxiety about a thing again and again by just thinking about that situation. It could be related to your future or even your past. There are plenty of triggers around us, and we can’t always avoid them. You are as strong as any other person in this world, just have faith in yourself.

How to overcome fear?

Relax! The world is not falling apart, and things are not ending for you. So just relax a bit, drop your shoulder and breathe deeply. Stop thinking about what is bothering you and start thinking about what all you love, is it food? Your favourite restaurant or that favourite person? Think about them. You can even do meditate, trust me it works like magic! Do it regularly and you will feel the change.

Remember you are not alone in your journey, you have plenty of things to cherish and YOU ARE AMAZING!

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