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Modernity: What Does it Really Mean to Us

With the changing time, our life is also changing. People are moving towards modernity. Now there arises a question, Is the path chosen by them is fine? Are they missing something?

Modernity, a state of being in the present scenario and updating ourselves with the changing times. In order to reflect briefly, it is all about adapting to changes. Being in the race with time is good, but to become a part of the rat race due to the furiousness of time is not a good thing. We tend to move according to the changes that evolve our living. But, looking at today’s scenario, are we evolving or making ourselves fit in a frame which is liked by everybody no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it is. We are more influenced by others and look towards influencing others but sometimes quite shallow from our inner deep. This is not what the tools of modernity should do with us.

The benefits of Modernity

Modernity offers you an all-new world with changing aspects. With the alterations, we’ve had in the changing times, with the inventions of new medicines, new technologies and evolved science in every aspect.

In terms of looking towards modernity, it is unique for everyone and depends upon their flexibility of learning and adapting to changes. Some might feel having a fully automated house and car with the luxury lifestyle while some feel being updated on social media with what is trending and try to become modern each day by flaunting new fads to their circles.

A sneak peek into the changes in Life before and after a modern lifestyle

  • Earlier, being social meant talking to people. Now being social means to be active on all social media platforms.
  • Earlier, Summer vacation means visiting Nanny’s place or relatives home. Now it’s abt luxurious getaways.
  • We capture moments and not live them, we live for our so-called social media friends and not for ourselves. It was quite different before.
  • Before health had a different definition, people used to be healthy coz they wanted to be, now it’s necessary to fulfil one’s everyday routine needs, and getting into shape is mandatory due to social norms of looking slim and maintaining weight.
  • Our lives are driven by Hashtags that define our lifestyle whereas earlier people had heartily connections to find out if one is doing well or not.

Things to keep in mind with changing times

Changing with time is good but to lose touch with one’s roots is wrong. The beautiful gift of education that helps us lead an easier life is bliss we all need to value it and intake them for our personal good growth.

Do keep in Mind-

  • There is a difference between a home and house. A luxury house with no one with you doesnt make it as a great home.
  • Using technology to reach mars is good, but we need to take care of our lovely planet as well ensuring every aspect to safeguard it.
  • Going to a gym for maintaining health is fine but showing off won’t make any difference in you. You really need to understand it.
  • Making friends on social media is good but forgetting real friends won’t bring happiness.
  • Capturing photos for posting is fine, don’t forget to live those real moments with family and close ones.
  • Moral values go lifelong with us, don’t let these values vanish since these are the only things that’ll help you to walk on the right path and not let you deviate.

Enshrine on the fact!

The gifts of Modernity is a blessing and we should use it wisely, its for your growth and happiness. Enjoy every bit of it keeping in mind where you came from. Don’t let your Modern life, Modern world change the feeling of empathy to apathy.


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