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Tackling Failures: Why it is Important to Keep Trying


Failure is a condition of not meeting a desirable goal or objective. At some point in time, many of us experience this state and possess that unignorable feeling of fear. This type of fear can have a severe impact on our abilities and willpower,  Hence, it can also become an obstacle in the path of success.

Everybody has a different definition of failures because everybody has its own perspective. Some people take failure as a great lesson, but some are so afraid of it that they can’t even move forward, and which is the most difficult part of life, which people can’t tackle it anymore and always try to escape from it. They even don’t look towards giving a try.

But everybody should learn one thing that failure is a part of life. It is almost impossible to live life without experiencing any failure. It is very important to realise that everything we do always has a chance that we will fail. But the important thing is about facing that and taking it as a learning point of your life, taking it as a positive chance rather than a negative one.

How Not to Be Afraid of Failure?

Here are some positive ways to reduce the fear of failure

  • Always think positively –  This is one of the great ways to reduce our fear. Thinking positive always helps in building self-confidence, will keep you calm by which you can make the best decisions for yourself.
  • Don’t ever try to make it personal – it simply means that you never consider yourself a failure. Just because you haven’t achieved your desires, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Separate the failure from your personal identity, sometimes what happens is that people aren’t able to draw a line between these two and hence destroy their mental peace. 
  • Don’t expect approval from others – It is one of the biggest problems that we always have a fear of being judged and lose respect and esteem. People should always remember one thing that this is your life, not others, stop thinking about what other’s opinion is. This is our main problem that people easily get influenced by what people say about them and compromise with their abilities and willpower
  • Believe in yourself – Simply follow one golden rule of loving yourself. Always believe in yourself and make a habit of taking up new challenges to keep trying again and again even if you fail. Always take it in a positive way and never give up, don’t ever let your fear overpower you.
  • Setting up small goals and visualisation – what happens when you experience failure? People might be very uncomfortable in setting goals, which is very difficult because goals help us to find where we want to go in life and without which people have no sure destination. Visualisation is a great strategy for goal setting. Imagining how life will be after you’ve achieved your goal is a great motivator and encourages you to keep you moving forward.

Failure is a Key to Success

Always remember ‘failure is a key to success’, every mistake teaches us something. This is a very famous quote written by Morihei Ueshiba. Never feel low and demotivate yourself when you experience any failure, take it as a challenge and face it, it’s a part of our life and helps us to grow more and more. Being afraid is not a big deal, it’s a very normal and natural way to respond to things, but getting demotivated and losing confidence is a very big problem because it’s ultimately going to affect you in each and every manner, takes away your mental peace and stops us from moving forward in life. Thinking negative can cause server health problems and, in extreme cases, also leads to death. On the other hand, thinking positively will reduce your stress and help you to build confidence. Last but not least, we always have a choice—we can choose to be afraid, or we can choose not to be, so why not we choose not to be afraid of anything and keep moving forward in our lives.

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