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Women Abuse: Serious Concerns Still Persists in Our Society


How Much Abuse is Abuse?

Emotional Abuse

Physical Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Any kind of abuse women have to go through is not right

Speak up, fight for your right

Crying and fearing doesn’t make things alright

Ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak

Sometimes to escape you need to speak

Misogyny is not meant to prevail

Ladies stand up not just for yourself but for other women in society too

Women abuse is a violent act that needs to stop and should put criminals in jail.

-Ayushi Tiwari 

Abuse to women is not a new thing in our society as it has a detailed and very prevailing history since medieval times. Be it greek or roman culture, this heinous act of insulting and abusing women still holds its root tough in the society. During those times, the women were considered as a slave to men which then and now is quite disgusting, whether it is a history or a contemporary era. In terms of referring to history and even in the modern world, objectification and assault still prevail in very different ways, while in some aspects either they were treated as an object or being seen lower to men majoritarianism.

Women still find it tough in the various competitive sphere to find their right place and get the recognition, maybe things might have progressed in the so-called modern world but then it has also given rise to other forms of problems. It could be Domestic violence, insult, intimidation, threat on phone, and via the internet and many other ways. We all know how social media is giving rise to such things as per the recent case of “Boys locker room”. This shows how ignorant our society can be towards the image and respect towards the female gender.

Forms of Domestic Violence

We might all know what “Domestic Violence” means but we sometimes fail to recognize its forms which still exist deep down in our society. Be it verbal, emotional, or physical- an assault remains an assault always, we can’t just deny this fact. In terms of talking about its various forms, it is not just limited to physical torture but many have to go through heinous acts like- marital rapes, violent beating, reproductive abuse, and whatnot. These things are so rooted in the society that sometimes we just skip the need to talk about it and come out of it, which is a very wrong approach. It is indeed needed to be tackled in a very strict manner to ensure respect for women.

Why the Facts & Reports are concerning society?

According to recent ( November 2019)report, a third of all women and girls experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, half of the women killed worldwide were killed by their partners or family, and violence perpetrated against women is as common a cause of death and incapacity for those of reproductive age, like cancer, and a greater cause of ill health than road accidents and malaria combined.

Using NFHS data of 2019 and ethnographic data from a Mumbai slum, it was found that the majority of Indian women who experience domestic violence do not share it with anybody or seek help.

Many renowned personalities have also experienced a gap in our society relating to sexual assaults on women. The famous author JK Rowling, as we all know who wrote Harry Potter. She has recently posted a series of articles stating her struggles on life mentioning that in her 20s she had gone through the sexual assaults and can’t forget it from the deep of the mind. Seeing the concerns through her statement, It is obvious that the impact remains so grave life-long and some even find it tough to move on.

Going Forward: It’s the Fight that still matters

It’s the time when you should stop suffering in silence, talk to someone you trust, and seek help to get out of this as anyways its not your fault. Many NGOs are working towards helping the one in need and there are various paths to approach them if you are in distress. Well, the fight will continue until our society empathizes with the ones facing this. It is a long drawn struggle that shows little signs to end soon, but thankfully, progress continues to be made.

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