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Long Distance Relationships: Are you ready for one?

Long Distance Relationships are one of the hardest, yet the most special experience one can have in their life. One needs a lot of understanding, maturity, and seriousness to handle a long distance relationships We are currently living in an era where, not only long-distance…

Relationships: How Far Do We Go For Love of Life?

Security Of Love The idea of falling head over heels for somebody is nothing but your inner self screaming, craving, and sneaking to find it even in the most ordinary scenarios. You collide with somebody who just listens to your unfiltered conversations and you feel…
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OTT platform in India: The Rising Player in Digital Media

The OTT platform in India is one of the biggest markets fostering growth and contribution to the entertainment and media industry. Being the fastest growing sector, it is emerging as one of the promising markets for the Indian digital ecosystem. As there are lots of…