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Struggles Of Life: Why Optimism is a Key to Success

Struggle starts the moment we take birth, every step has some struggle involved in it. Not the kind of struggle through which ‘star kid’ goes through (you know what I mean), the real struggle starts when you enter the real world and try to make your place. A…

Shows that Made Our Childhood Awesome

Remember how we waited to come back home from school to watch our favourite tv shows? As adults, we might not remember our first footstep or our first word but we definitely cherish the T.V shows that made our childhood exciting and memorable. We look back now and all we…

Toxicity: Dealing with Negative People & Approaches

There is a popular saying that you cannot expect to have positivity in your life if you are surrounded too much with negative people. It’s true that we get influenced by our surroundings a lot and it works the same way inspiration or motivation does, but it’s all bad…